Cruise like a Norwegian


Hello! As I promised I’m sharing with you one of my traveling stories! I really love traveling! It’s such an amazing thing to do !

So, we went on a cruise ship this autumn! The ship is called NCL Spirit. And I loved it ! I went from Barcelona to Casablanca(Morocco) , Madeira(Portugal) , Malaga(Spain) , Cadiz(Spain). It was soooooo amazing! Places where very beautiful and they look nothing like Lithuania.
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IMG_2492 IMG_2519


Also I’ve met lots of new people from many different countries. They were really friendly.

It’s impossible to find better food than there! You can get everything you want and its extremely delicious ! Basically we were eating all day long!

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Everyone who works there are wonderful! They are so kind to everybody!

So If you want to go on a cruise ship ,you definitely should! I would recommend NCL cruise line! It’s an amazing cruise line. You would have unforgetable trip!

Hope you will like this post!
Akvilė xoxo

17 thoughts on “Cruise like a Norwegian

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time on your cruise, I loved your photos. Did you have a favourite that you visited?

    1. Yea it was so much fun! If I had to choose only one place, I think I would choose Madeira, because it’s not a really big island but it’s very beautiful and there are so many activities you can do .:)

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