Hello! I haven’t posted anything for almost a week and I’m really sorry about that. I was busy with school work,performances and finals. I actually had my last final today. So I’m finally finished with school and I can enjoy my summer. I still many performances but they aren’t so stressful.

It seems like many of you really like post about travelling. So I decided to share another traveling story with you! This post is about an amazing place called ‘Phantasialand’.
Phantasialand – is a theme park in  Brühl, Germany. It has 6 themed ‘lands’ :

  • Berlin – Berlin in the 20s
  • Wuze Town – Fantasy
  • China Town – China
  • Mystery
  • Deep in Africa – Africa
  • Mexico ( They finished building this ‘land’ only this year, so I didn’t have a chance to visit it)

All of them are different and unique . One day isn’t enough, if you want to visit all of these ‘lands’! There are many attractions, roller coasters, water rides, hotels, shows, performances, shops,restaurants, cafes and etc. There are so many things you can do.  My favorite one was China. I’ve never been to China in my life but I actually felt like I’m there. It’s such an incredible feeling! And you have no idea how fantastic those shows were! I loved it soooo much! I have also tried many different treats! The bad thing was that it was raining all day but we still had so much fun!

If you will ever have a chance to go there , you definitely have to! You won’t regret it! I’m also posting some photos, so you can see how actually everything looks like. Enjoy!

IMG_1914 IMG_1915 IMG_1926 (2) IMG_1930 IMG_1931 IMG_1933 IMG_1945 IMG_1949 IMG_1956 IMG_1957 IMG_1961 IMG_1964 IMG_1968 IMG_1972 IMG_1974 IMG_1980 IMG_1991 IMG_5069 IMG_5405 IMG_5406 IMG_5410




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  1. Hey! Thanks for your likes on my posts:) These pictures of Germany are awesome, looks like such a cool place and all theses theme parks look like so much fun! Your blog is really nice, Im really excited to be following, I would really appreciate a follow back 🙂

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