It’s tea time!


Hello everyone! I hope you’re having an incredible day. It’s the end of my day. It’s almost 11 pm in Lithuania. This post won’t be about fashion. I didn’t have a chance to take any great photos but I still wanted to post something because there are some people who really like my blog. That makes me really happy. Thank you sooo much for reading my blog!

Today, me and my mum went to a cute little cafe. It’s really small but really sweet and warm. It’s like a tea place. You can come there for a cup of tea or coffee, to read a book, to eat some fresh sweets or just relax. They sell so many kinds of different teas. It’s way to difficult to choose only one. Since I’m a tea lover, I decided to buy some tea and try it at home. And I end up loving it! Maybe because green tea is my favorite kind. And those teas have some other stuff in them, so it makes them even better! I will definitely go there next week and try some more!

image (1) image (2)

My new teas :


  • King’s truffle – green tea with chocolate truffles, pink pepper, mini strawberry cubes, cornflower’s petals .
  • Cleopatra – herbal tea with orange peel, black currants and blackberry leaves, mini strawberry cubes, elderberry, apple pieces, bamboo leaves, heather leaves.

Reasons to drink green tea : 

  1. Its an excellent antioxidant .
  2. It burns fat
  3. It reduces high blood pressure
  4.  It fights cancer
  5. It speeds metabolism
  6. It gives you healthy skin
  7. It helps with weight loss
  8. Reduces stress and depression
  9. It relaxes and slows your heart rate
  10. Contains zero calories
  11. It tastes great!
    There are many many more!

Some people don’t really like tea. So I will give you some tips how to start liking tea!

How to start liking tea :

  1. Try many different kinds of teas, maybe you haven’t found our favorite one yet!
  2. Add some honey, lemon or mint leaves. They will make your tea taste better and it still will be healthy!
  3. Buy some cute mugs or thermo cups. They will be like a motivation for you to drink more tea!
  4. Try to find a cute tea cafe, so you could come there relax and try new kinds of tea!
  5. Try cold/iced teas!

Hope you will enjoy this post. Now it’s time for a cup of tea before bed! Goodnight!



28 thoughts on “It’s tea time!

  1. Your new teas sound very tasty ! I have never tried green tea with truffles… sounds intriguing 🙂 . I’ll look for something similar next time I go to the tea shop.
    Take care !

  2. Aww those teas look so great!! I’m a huge green tea drinker – I must have like five cups a day haha! Can’t find teas like what you bought where I live. Especially not tea with bits of chocolate in it! Wow yummm 🙂

  3. Ownn I liked your post as it really made me want tea now! I also love tea, but somehow I dont feel like drinking it warm during summer, so at this season I always go for the iced tea 😃

  4. After this blig post I would really love to come to Lithuania and get some of the tea haha … I love green tea… I have to say that it’s grat to drink it with milk too ♡

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