Hair accessories


Hello! How are you? Sorry for a late post but I was really busy yesterday.

I decided to do a post about my favorite hair accessories! The best way to make an amazing hairstyle is to add some cute and unique accessories to your hair. You can make your simple pony tail or bun look awesome just by adding some hair clips or hair bands. So I will show you my favorite hair accessories. Hope you will like it !

Hair bands:
IMG_3269 IMG_3018 IMG_3017 IMG_3014 1511720_574632252622910_606984804_n

  • Floral – H&M
  • Black&Silver – eBay
  • Gold – eBay
  • Bow – Forever21

Hair clips:

  • Flower – H&M
  • White bows – Forever21
  • Floral bows – Forever21
  • Silver flower – local store
  • Polka dot flower -Forever21

Hair ties:
IMG_3271 IMG_3273

  • With studs – eBay
  • Flowers – Sidabra
  • Silver – local store
  • Hair ties/wristbands – H&M



10 thoughts on “Hair accessories

  1. Aww I love this post and I love hair accessories too (most of all I love to wear bows ♡ ) and you look gorgeous like always ♡♥♡♥

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