Lazy day in Germany


Good evening! This post might be a little boring, so I’m sorry about that. We haven’t done anything interesting on Saturday. But I still had fun. We went to Oberhausen’s aqua park again. We spent almost all day there because it was really hot. So I’m pretty tanned right now. And my face hurts a little but it’s okay.

After that me and my mum took a walk like always. But we went to a shop, which is really far from our place. It was like a challenge for us. We got some ice cream there. It was really good. It seems like everything tastes better here. We also bought some strawberries, granola and yogurt for breakfast.
image (3) 20140726_200040 20140726_204528

In my next post I will tell you about my short trip to Holland. And now I will share my outfit with you. Goodnight!

20140726_105435 20140726_105443(0) 20140726_105504

  • Shirt – Forever21
  • Shorts – Sinsay
  • Shoes – H&M
  • Ring – Fashion Zone
  • Bracelets – H&M


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