Bonjour, Paris!


Hey!I just came back from Paris! I had 24 hour long road trip back home. So I’m really exhausted, but I was so excited to write this post and that’s  what I’m doing right now.
I spent almost 3 days there. So I will do 3 post about each day. It was seriously incredible! I fell in love with that city. Yea, I know loads of people say that but Paris is really amazing. If you have ever been there you understand what I feel right now.

Our road trip started at 5 am on Sunday in Germany. We also went to the Netherlands and Belgium. I’ve never been to Belgium before, so it was a new country for me.
10482534_675996092486525_5563497480025414080_n image (17) image (16) image (14)
image (13)

After 5 hours driving we arrived to France! And this is where our unforgettable journey started. We found a really simple hotel but it wasn’t that far from the city center. On our frist day we went to Musée du Louvre. We had to wait 1 hour in line to get there but it was worth it. Everything looks fantastic there!
IMG_3321 IMG_3322 IMG_3325 IMG_3336 IMG_3338 IMG_3341 IMG_3339 IMG_3346 IMG_3345 IMG_3343 IMG_3348 IMG_3350 IMG_3351 IMG_3349 IMG_3352 IMG_3358

After that we went to the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. The Champs Elysees is nicknamed “the most beautiful avenue in the world.” There are many luxury boutiques, cafes, restaurants, cinemas and etc. That avenue is really amazing! I wish I could shop in those boutiques one day. Of course we also saw the Arc de Triomphe. It’s huge and looks really luxury. I actually thought it was smaller. It started to rain, so we didn’t have enough time there. But I liked it a lot!
IMG_3371 IMG_3380 IMG_3377

IMG_3383 IMG_3379 IMG_3368
At the end of Sunday we went to some places not that far from our hotel. We had a dinner at Parisian cafe and went to a gaming place. And this is how our day ended. I will write a post about our second day later. Hope you will like this post and photos!
IMG_3363 IMG_3367 IMG_3362 IMG_3393 IMG_3406 IMG_3396 IMG_3399


  • Romper – Forever18
  • Shoes – H&M
  • Accessories – H&M
  • Bag – H&M


24 thoughts on “Bonjour, Paris!

  1. love your outfit! the print is super cute. Your so lucky! always dreamt of going to paris 🙂
    I’m a Swedish Fashion Blogger based in London, would be awesome if you could check it out 🙂

  2. Hi! I’m visiting Paris soon, and it’s my first time. How’s the weather in summer, and will I need a raincoat? I already have a few places in mind to visit, but we’re going for 10 whole days, so do you have any recommendation?

    1. Heyy! The weather can change really fast there. For example it can be a hot day but rainy evening or rainy morning but a really hot day. So I would recommend to bring a raincoat or an umbrella . But it’s pretty warm all summer, about 22-28C degrees. If you’re younger than 26 you can go to many places for free or for a cheaper price. I would also recommend taking a bus tour because it will take you to the best places and it’s easier to see everything that way. You should go somewhere at night also. Because everything looks really beautiful then. Choose a safe place for living, we lived in 9th arrondissement,so it was next to Opera and not that far from Louvre. I would recommend choosing a place for living in 1-11th arrondissements . Tell me if you have any questions . Hope you’ll have fun in Paris!:)

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