Leaving Paris


Hello! Sorry for such a late post. I’ve been really busy this week, so I didn’t have time to write a post. But I’m finally at home, drinking some tea and writing this post. And it’s the last post about Paris because we stayed there only for three days and I have already done two post about other days.

So, we woke up pretty early as usual. We had a breakfast and started packing our things. Then we decided that we should spend the last day somewhere outside. So we took a walk because it was really warm. It was such an amazing morning!

IMG_3514 IMG_3515

After that we went to Starbucks! I got Java chocolate chip frappucino with caramel. It was really good! And finally a guy from Starbuck knew how to spell my name! Yay! We also bought some gifts for our friends and relatives.

IMG_3518 image (19)

And then our long road trip back home started. It was really exhausting because we spent 22 hours in our car. But at the same time we were happy because we had an incredible trip. We will never forget it!

image (18) IMG_3519

My summer is almost ending and school is starting soon. But I had probably the best summer. I’ve visited many awesome places, met many friendly people, did unforgettable things and enjoyed every single day of this summer!

I hope you will enjoy the last week of summer! Have a great day/night!


  • Romper – NewYorker
  • Shoes – H&M
  • Headband – eBay
  • Sunglasses – Sinsay
  • Necklace – H&M
  • Watch and ring – eBay
  • Bag – H&M


13 thoughts on “Leaving Paris

  1. Oh, Paris ❀ My aunt lives there and I really try to visit her as often I can, cos the city is just adorable πŸ™‚

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