Beauty haul from Germany


Hey! This post will be my second haul from Germany. First one was clothing haul and in this haul I will show my makeup,hair care products, shower essentials and etc. I haven’t bought lots of stuff because I don’t wear makeup everyday. But I still hope you will find this post helpful. I also have bought some really cute school supplies and I still don’t know should I do another haul and show you all of them? But for now I hope you will like this post. Enjoy!

Lip products:

  • ‘Babylips’ lipbalms! I finally got them! We don’t have them in Lithuania, so I was really excited to buy them in Germany. I got : ‘Intense care’ with SPF 20, ‘Pink punch’ and ‘Hydrate’ with SPF 20. I will probably use them everyday!

Eye makeup:

  • ‘Colour flash volume mascaras’ from Essence in colours #01 and #04 . I love them so much, the colours are so unsually but pretty!
  • ‘Long lasting eye pencil’ in color ’17 tu-tu-touquoise’ and ‘Kajal pencil’ in color ’25 feel the mari-time’ from Essence . I bought them with those mascaras and I usually use eyeliner for waterline and then put colourful mascara on bottom lashes.
    IMG_3542 IMG_3543 image
  • ‘Volume express mascara’ from Maybelline. My mum is using it all the time, so I decided to give it a try.
  • ‘Lightening touch’ from The body shop. It’s a really good concealer for under eye circles

Hair care:

  • ‘Natural beauty Vanille-Milch&Papayamark’ shampoo and conditioner from Garnier. I haven’t used many shampoos from Garnier, so I decided to try some.
  • ‘Oil care hair mask’ from Dove.
  • ‘Garnier Fructis Pracht Auffüller hair mask’. It smells like candies!
  • ‘Taft glanz hairspray’  from Schwarzkopf. I usually use hairsprays from this brand but I haven’t tried this one, so I hope it will work as good as others.

Shower essentials:

  • ‘Cien’ shower gels. They were really cheap but they smell amazing! My favorite one is ‘Tropical mango’.
  • ‘Melon tango body wash ‘ from Balea. It smells incredible! I wish they had same body spray!
  • ‘Caribbean dreams shaving cream’ from Balea. It also smells really amazing! These kind of smells remind me of holidays!
  • ‘Blueberry body scrub’ from The body shop. It has real blueberries in it!

Hand care:

  • ‘Hand cream’ from Cien. I only bought it because it’s really small, so it’s easy to care it everywhere.
  • ‘Wet wipes’ from H&M. They were really cheap and of course I liked the smells: Vanilla&Lime and Tropical fruit.

Beauty accessories/essentials:

  • Makeup bag from H&M. It says: ‘Light up my night and make my day – your star’. It think it’s really cute! And it’s perfect for school because it’s small and everything fits in it!
  • ‘Heel protection pads’ from Essence. I get blisters all the time, so it’s a life saver for me.


15 thoughts on “Beauty haul from Germany

  1. Great post 😀 Glad to have come by your blog! Excited to read more ^.^ I loooooove baby lips~!

    Much Love

    Miz Lulu

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