Winter is coming


Heyy! I know it’s only September and it might be pretty warm in your country but in Lithuania it’s getting colder and colder everyday. It’s 1C degrees now. That’s why I started getting ready for winter this early. I wish summer could stay for longer but unfortunately it’s impossible. We have really cold winters in Lithuania. And of course with loads of snow. So in this post I will show some things that I’ve already bought for winter. I haven’t got any special clothing pieces but I still want to show you them. Hope you will like it!

  • Black leather boots are from . They’re very comfortable, warm and you can wear them in two different ways.
    IMG_3619 IMG_3620 IMG_3623
  • Another boots from
    IMG_3609 IMG_3610
  • And the last pair of boots I’ve also bought from the same sore but I got them last spring and I haven’t worn them many times
    Be pavadinimo
  • Dark&long cardigan from Mango
    IMG_3611 IMG_3613
  • A little bit lighter cardigan is also from Mango
  • Oversized sweater is from H&M
    IMG_3616 IMG_3615
  • And the last thing is furry vest is from boohoo. And it’s so amazing! I seriously can’t wait to start wearing it!
    IMG_3617 IMG_3618


31 thoughts on “Winter is coming

  1. The last pair of boots are my favorite ☺️ they’re extremely adorable. I can’t wait for winter to come here but sadly I’m in one of those states where summer likes to linger until about November 😭

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