A piece of Paradise


Hello! I just came back from an incredible trip! I went to Egypt this year and yea it was my third time there but still really enjoyed it. It feels like Egypt is a really special place for me, like my second home, I always feel really happy there. This time I stayed at Sharm el Sheikh in a hotel called ‘Amwaj oyoun resort & spa’ for 2 weeks. And those weeks went by sooo fast. I’ve done so many new and fun things, like: diving, hiking, I went to safari and colored canyons, pubs and etc. Everyday was somehow special and amazing. I met so many nice and interesting people. And it was so hard to say goodbye to all of them. I already miss everybody there. Of course, the weather was wonderful. It’s probably always sunny and warm in Egypt. I’m actually jealous of weather like this. I wish I could live in a hot climate. But I’m happy that I even have a chance to visit places like this. I hope I will be able to come back to Egypt one day again. I know, some people think it’s boring to visit the same country many times, but Egypt is always good for holidays and I still haven’t visited all of beautiful and exciting places there.

So it will be my first post about Egypt. Of course I will show you some photos from my trip. And I will post more about my adventures in Egypt later. I hope you will like it!
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18 thoughts on “A piece of Paradise

  1. Wow it looks beautiful there! I have never been to Egypt but know people who have and they all love it too! xx

  2. omg…. i love ya<3
    i hope the trip was great!
    and my words ain't good enough to compliment the pics….<3

  3. I loved every bit of this post! I feel like our blogs have similarities and maybe you want to check mine out? If you do I would always be open to mentioning your blog if you would want to do the same to get our names out more:) just let me know! Keep up the great posts

  4. What a vibrant photos akviill! I live in ‘that’ kind of summery weather in Indonesia so I once wants to know how it feels like to live in country where you can experience fall and winter! How about we split places? ;D

    anyway, beautiful you as always!

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