Tirana island


Heyyy! This time I will tell about our another trip. Enjoy!

This trip was a little bit different because it was a sea trip. We spent the whole day in the yacht. Our destination was a place called ‘Tirana island’. During that time we stopped 3 times for snorkeling and diving. And it probably was the best part about that trip. Because what’s happening under the sea is incredible! All those fishes, corals and many beautiful creatures. It’s impossible to explain how amazing everything looks there. All of you have to try it one day! You won’t regret it! After diving we finally came to Tirana island. The yacht couldn’t stop next to it, so we had to swim till the shore. And its a really wonderful place too! It’s like an endless desert and we could see the Saudi Arabia on the other side. I really liked that trip.

So if you will ever go to Sharm el Sheikh, I would recommend going to ‘Tirana island’!

IMG_3745 IMG_3744 IMG_3760 IMG_3735 IMG_3767 IMG_3766 IMG_3768 IMG_3761 IMG_3743 IMG_3773

Hope you liked this post and photos!


  • Romper – NewYorker
  • Sunglasses – Sinsay
  • Bracelet – H&M
  • Swimsuit – Guess


15 thoughts on “Tirana island

  1. Awesome post! Appreciated the follow. Continued health and strength to us and ours, as we stay in the protective embrace of their grace… Ox, Elizabeth “Calebs” Romans 14:7,8. Psalms 103:1-5

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