Christmas Eve


Hello! Merry Christmas everyone! Hope these past few days were incredible for you! I really enjoyed Christmas this year. I met everybody I wanted and had a good time with them. And it’s actually what I wanted for Christmas: to meet everybody who I love and spend some time with them.

On the Christmas Eve I went to my grandma’s house, we go there every year. We had dinner, talked, watched a movie, went to church and just had a great evening. And there were so many people, like my aunt, uncles, cousins, grandma and etc. So everything was awesome!

IMG_1036 IMG_1040 IMG_1173 IMG_1168 IMG_1163 IMG_1041 IMG_1042

And now I will show you my outfit for Christmas Eve. Hope you will like it!

IMG_4104 IMG_4107 IMG_4105 IMG_4109 IMG_4106

  • Dress – Sinsay
  • Kimono – H&M
  • Headband – eBay
  • Tights – Lindex
  • Rings and necklase – H&M
  • Bracelet – from a local store


9 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

  1. Oh my goodness, that Kimono is perfection! Is there any H&M’s in western australia?! :0 Haha, Hey I would like to ask you to join us and help support “Single Parents Day” on February the 8th. There is more info at: My friend Mikaela and I want to get this viral. It is so important to show appreciation to all single parents. If you can repost the blog, or even repost the picture and #SingleParentsApprectiationDay ! That would be beyond amazing. Lets thank all Single Parents! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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