A pop of colour


Hey!I finally feel a little better. Yay! I’m really happy about that because I can do things I like without feeling awful and thinking about my bed. By the end of this week I will probably feel awesome as usual!

My cousin visited me this weekend. So we went for a walk in a beautiful park and after that we decided to go shopping since winter sales have already started. And yea it was succesful! And then we spent an evening watching movies and just talking about things that have happened since our last meet. I had a really lovely weekend with her and she might come again next weekend. I’m really excited about that.

I will show you what I wore on Saturday. Since it was a cloudy and windy day, I thought about wearing something brighter than black or brown clothing. I think my bright pink sweater was a good idea. And I hope you will like my outfit too!


IMG_4312 IMG_4313 IMG_4318 IMG_4322 IMG_4323 IMG_4316 IMG_4321 IMG_4315 IMG_4320 IMG_4314 IMG_4319 IMG_4327 IMG_4325 IMG_4329 IMG_4326 IMG_4324IMG_4328

  • Skirt – CropTown
  • Shoes – 6pm.com
  • Sweater – H&M
  • Coat – NewYorker
  • Shirt – H&M
  • Gloves – Sinsay
  • Rings – eBay and H&M
  • Bag – Sinsay
  • Earings – Oh lala


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