A night out


Hello ! Happy Sunday! I hope you’re having a great and exciting weekend. And of course good luck with surviving Monday tomorrow!

My parents went on a trip to England and Italy. And they’re finally back! They had so much fun there and loved it! And they brought me so many gifts and souvenirs from all of these places. I’m thinking about doing a haul on my blog including all those items but I’m still not really sure about that.
Since they’re here again, we decided to go out on Saturday. I really love spending time with my family, I just feel incredibly happy when I’m with them. So yesterday we went to the theater to a performance/comedy show. Everybody enjoyed that and the place looked pretty cool. After that we had a dinner at chinese restaurant. Since all of us love that kind of food.

And of course I dressed up a little bit for that night. And like always I ended up with almost all black outfit again. But I think you can never go wrong with black.

I hope you will like my outfit! Goodnight xx


IMG_4699 IMG_4700IMG_4703IMG_4702 IMG_4726   IMG_4704 IMG_4706 IMG_4707 IMG_4708 IMG_4709 IMG_4710 IMG_4711 IMG_4713 IMG_4715 IMG_4717 IMG_4718 IMG_4719 IMG_4720 IMG_4725IMG_4722IMG_4727IMG_4731IMG_4730

  • Dress – Forever21
  • Jacket – Sinsay
  • Tights – Lindex
  • Shoes – Primark
  • Bracelet/ring – H&M
  • Necklace – H&M
  • Bag – H&M


18 thoughts on “A night out

  1. Oh my god. You’re dressed like Clara from “Doctor Who” again. That’s cool. I always liked the way she dressed, cute but classy.

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