Let’s celebrate!


Hey! Happy Easter everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful day.

I will post my Easter day outfit a little bit later because I haven’t imported those photos to my computer. In this post I will show what I wore the last weekend.

So last weekend I was visiting my cousin. She has turned 18th! Happy birthday to her again! She didn’t have a party or something like that but I still wanted to spend some time with her and have fun. We haven’t done anything really special, we just talked A LOT. Because she  lives pretty far from, so we don’t get to meet each other that often. Meeting her always makes me happy.
If you’re following me on Facebook (facebook.com/akviilees) , you’ve probably seen a video I have done for her . I want to say a huge thank you for everyone who took a part and helped me with creating such an amazing surprise for her. Thank you! It made her incredibly happy!

Thank you for reading my blog! And I hope you will like my outfit!


IMG_4792 IMG_4791 IMG_4796 IMG_4789 IMG_4802 IMG_4788 IMG_4801 IMG_4787 IMG_4794 IMG_4786 IMG_4799 IMG_4797 IMG_4805 IMG_4809 IMG_4808 IMG_4800 IMG_4782 IMG_4779 IMG_4785 IMG_4783 IMG_4781 IMG_4821 IMG_4812 IMG_4822 IMG_4823 IMG_4813 IMG_4829

  • Dress – H&M
  • Lace kimono – H&M
  • Necklace – eBay
  • Bracelet – silver store
  • Rings – H&M and eBay
  • Tights – H&M
  • Shoes – H&M


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