Flowers in my hair

IMG_4944 (Copy 1)

Hello my lovely readers!
How’s your day going? Mine is really awesome but it’s coming to the end. But I had so much fun today and I enjoyed this rare sunny day in Lithuania. And it’s the last day of Spring. I’m actually a little bit glad that it’s over because I’ve finally finished school for this year and summer is my favorite season. Summers are always really special for me because I love spending time in nature, warm weather and of course I have a chance to travel more, meet some amazing people and see loads of breathtaking places. Wow, now I realized how excited I’m for the summer! But this post isn’t about summer. It’s about this warm and sunny Spring day which I’ve actually enjoyed a lot.
I didn’t want to go shopping or somewhere in public today. I just really wanted to spend some time in nature and be happy about things that surround me. So me and my mom decided to go to some beautiful places of our town. We have many parks and fields here. And we found one field full of yellow flowers. How pretty is that?! And we spent some time laying on the grass, talking, doing some random hairstyles and using flowers as hair accessories. Everything was just really relaxing and fun.
I actually didn’t even try to put a really nice outfit today. I just wore some comfy and casual clothes. And I hope you will like it anyway.
Thank you for reading and have a great begging of summer!

IMG_4940 (Copy 1) IMG_4946 (Copy 1) IMG_4947 (Copy 1) IMG_4941 (Copy 1) IMG_4943 (Copy 1) IMG_4950 (Copy 1) IMG_4953 (Copy 1) IMG_4949 (Copy 1) IMG_4942 (Copy 1) IMG_4948 (Copy 1) IMG_4958 (Copy 1) IMG_4959 (Copy 1) IMG_4956 (Copy 1) IMG_4954 (Copy 1) IMG_4955 (Copy 1) IMG_4957 (Copy 1) IMG_4965 (Copy 1) IMG_4963 (Copy 1) IMG_4962 (Copy 1) IMG_4966 (Copy 1) IMG_4970 (Copy 1) IMG_4972 (Copy 1) IMG_4960 (Copy 1) IMG_4964 (Copy 1) IMG_4967 (Copy 1) IMG_4973 (Copy 1) IMG_4977 (Copy 1) IMG_4978 (Copy 1) IMG_4974 (Copy 1) (Copy 1) IMG_4976 (Copy 1) IMG_4979 (Copy 1) IMG_4987 (Copy 1) IMG_4985 (Copy 1) IMG_4990 (Copy 1) IMG_4968 (Copy 1)


  • Pants – H&M
  • Shoes – H&M
  • Shirt – Reserved
  • Cardigan – everything5pounds
  • Necklace – H&M
  • Bracelets – Mango
  • Sunglasses – Primark


25 thoughts on “Flowers in my hair

  1. Always stunning in your pictures! 🙂 That’s why I nominated you to do the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Check out my most recent blog to know more about it !

  2. Those fields of buttercups are amazing and I love how you put them in your hair. My daughter would definitely want to do the same but will have to find an alternative.

      1. You would think that Lithuania and Australia are far apart but quite a few Lithuanians came out to Australia after WWII. My grandfather was a Lutheran Church Pastor preaching to “New Australians” in the 1950s and had quite a few Lithuanians in the Church. My friend went over there two years ago to see where her family came from and loved it!

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