Night life in Berlin

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Hello! How’s your summer going? Mine is pretty good, but looking at the weather I wouldn’t say that it’s summer in Lithuania, since it has been raining every day and we usually still have to wear our coats and sweaters. But this post isn’t about our upsetting weather, it’s another post about Germany! Yayy! If you want to see more about my trip to germany, you can check out my video on YouTube :
This time I will talk about my first impression about Berlin. We came to Berlin right after ‘The heide park'(It explains why I was wearing the same outfit).When we arrived there it was already dark, so we had a chace to explore Berlin at night. Even though, we were really tired and all we wanted to do was to take a shower and go to bed, we still went to the city. Yea, my family is crazy about traveling and exploring new places. We could be walking till we don’t feel anything and spend the whole day without normal food, but we will never miss a chance to see something new and incredible. So that’s what we did in this wonderful city – Berlin. It feels like people don’t sleep there, because cafes were full of people hanging out and drinking vine, streets were full of cars and the buildings were shinning from the lights everywhere. So I was standing on a sidewalk and just looking around and smiling , because it looked AMAZING! It might not be so cool for other people, but since I live in Lithuania it was awesome. We don’t have these kind of cities here.
We spent our night walking around, taking photos and just having a good time (you can see it from my photos). And about 2-3am we decided to come back to our hotel room, because we had many things to do and to see the next day. We bought some snacks and drinks from a local store and went to our hotel. And this is how our day ended.

I hope you will enjoy reading this post and looking trough my photos and maybe you will check out my video. Thank you! Take care!

IMG_5136 (Copy 1) IMG_5134 (Copy 1) IMG_5140 (Copy 1) IMG_5135 (Copy 1) IMG_5138 (Copy 1) IMG_5149 (Copy 1) IMG_5147 (Copy 1) IMG_5141 (Copy 1) IMG_5146 (Copy 1) IMG_5153 (Copy 1) IMG_5158 (Copy 1)


  • Dress – H&M
  • Shoes – Converse
  • Jacket –
  • Bag – Sinsay
  • Bracelet – from a local store in Norway
  • Necklace – H&M


18 thoughts on “Night life in Berlin

    1. Really?! Thank you sooo much! I will try to upload a new video next month, so you can subscribe if you want to. And thank you again! 🙂

      1. Sure thing! Just make sure you don’t use copyrighted music in your videos. It would be real sad if YouTube takes it down for copyright infringement!
        Waiting for new videos! 🙂

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