Red lipstick & Fringe dress

IMG_5284 (Copy 1)

Hello my amazing readers! I’m finally doing a post not about my trip to Germany. But I hope you liked those posts. I actually really enjoy writing posts about traveling because while I’m writing them I can relive all those wonderful moments. And after I publish a post about any of my trips I just can’t stop smiling and remembering every little thing about that trip. I wish I could travel more and I hope my future job will include traveling abroad. I could talk all day about how much I love exploring new places and going on adventures but you would probably get bored from me talking about the same subject that much.

And now about today’s post! It’s a OOTD! I actually don’t have any cool or interesting stories to tell, so I will show you my outfit and talk about it for a bit. I wore this outfit to family’s celebration. The weather wasn’t the best but at least it didn’t rain. And I had a chance to wear my new dress which I got from Germany. It was a little bit too cold to wear that dress but all of us had to dress up, so I chose something I have never worn before and I’m actually was glad with my choice. Even though I still can’t wear this beautiful dress feeling 100% confident but I tried to rock it and enjoy the celebration. As you can see my favorite part of this outfit is dress.
And of course my favorite part of my makeup is red lipstick! It’s my very first matte red lipstick. I’ve been searching for a lipstick like this for a really long time. And I’ve finally found it! I’m very glad that I got it. It’s my new obsession! I also got the same lipstick in a nude color. You will probably see it in my next posts.

I think that’s it for today’s post. I hope you will like this short post and photos. If you have any suggestions for upcoming posts, you can always comment them or contact me. Thank you! Take care!
IMG_5258 (Copy 1)

IMG_5278 (Copy 1) IMG_5259 (Copy 1)

IMG_5253 (Copy 1) IMG_5262 (Copy 1) IMG_5254 (Copy 1) IMG_5266 (Copy 1) IMG_5255 (Copy 1) IMG_5257 (Copy 1) IMG_5264 (Copy 1) IMG_5263 (Copy 1) IMG_5273 (Copy 1) IMG_5271 (Copy 1) IMG_5276 (Copy 1) IMG_5267 (Copy 1) IMG_5265 (Copy 1) IMG_5275 (Copy 1) IMG_5282 (Copy 1) IMG_5283 (Copy 1) IMG_5270 (Copy 1) IMG_5281 (Copy 1) IMG_5261 (Copy 1)

  • Dress – H&M
  • Shoes – Sinsay
  • Clutch bag – Claire’s
  • Necklace – H&M
  • Bracelet – Sweet deluxe


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      1. Wow!! I studied both Spanish and English but taught English to high school students on all academic levels.
        I continue studying Spanish to this day, at every opportunity!
        Have you ever filmed a video in Russian?

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