Unexpected trip

IMG_5384 (Copy 1) Heyyy! Happy August! I hope this month will be the best month of this summer for you! (New video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZPpNw71488 ) Guess which country I went to again? Yea, it’s Germany! It was such an unexpected trip but like always I had loads of fun ! I stayed there for a week in Duisburg but most of my time I spent in Oberhausen. We went to Germany by car and came back the same way. So I still keep falling asleep after spending 18 hours in the car. But I really wanted to update my blog because I haven’t posted anything this week and I’m sorry about that. This time I finally learned how to use German trains, metros and buses! I always thought that it’s difficult to travel around with local transport because the cities are huge, maps are difficult to understand and names of the streets are even hard to pronounce. But after this trip I feel like a local ! So I could go to places I’ve never been to. Also, we went shopping to CentrO. It’s a huge shopping mall in Oberhausen. I bought some really cute clothing pieces and accessories. I still don’t know if I should do a post about things I got there. We visited our favorite pool in Oberhausen too. So I look pretty tanned right now. One day we went to Holland,Roermond but I won’t tell you anything about that place in this post because I will tell you everything about it in another post. All I can say is that Holland is wonderful! All of those days were really hot! The temperature stayed between +28C and +40C degrees. And on the hottest day we decided to explore the whole city and we walked about 20 kilometers. After that I couldn’t feel any of my body parts but it was worth it. Another thing that made me really excited there was vegan food. Germany has so many vegan options! It’s crazy! We basically don’t have anything in Lithuania. And in Germany I found vegan candies, cheese, meat, cookies, cakes and many already prepared meals. I tried all of them! I wish we had something like that in Lithuania. And I have uploaded a new video from this trip : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZPpNw71488 IMG_5345 (Copy 1) IMG_5293 (Copy 1) IMG_5380 (Copy 1) IMG_5376 (Copy 1) IMG_5361 (Copy 1) IMG_5385 (Copy 1) IMG_5398 (Copy 1) IMG_5292 (Copy 1) IMG_5402 (Copy 1) IMG_5424 (Copy 1) IMG_5461 (Copy 1) IMG_5442 (Copy 1) IMG_5436 (Copy 1) IMG_5468 (Copy 1) 20150806_123649 (Copy 1) Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset IMG_3129 Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset That’s it for now. I will do some post about Germany again. And I will tell you all details about my trip! Hope you enjoyed this short update! Thank you for reading!

Akvilė xoxo

21 thoughts on “Unexpected trip

  1. Looks so lovely! I hope to visit Germany very soon! I LOVE that they have so many health-conscious options! Xx

  2. Oh Akviilee, this is such a wonderful trip. Love to try vegan foods too! Be there in Germany next year by God’s grace. 🙂

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