Pool day

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(Video from my trip to Germany : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZPpNw71488)

As I’ve promised I will tell you all those details about my latest trip. This time I chose to write about a really fun day at the pool. As you might or might not know I spent a lot of time in Oberhausen,Germany. And this city has so many cool activities and places to see. And one of my favorite places there is the Aquapark. We usually go there after a shopping or a day when we had to walk a lot. It’s just so relaxing to lay and enjoy the sun. The reason why I really like that aquapark is that it isn’t a regular aquapark  which only has some pools and slides. I really like that Aquapark in Oberhausen has to offer many activities outside because I don’t really like spending my time inside especially in the summer time. It has many areas for sunbathing and just laying and enjoying sun. Also it has an awesome pool which isn’t always freezing cold and I’m never afraid to get into that pool because it’s really warm. It also has a hot tub next to that pool. You can also play football and volleyball with your friends there. It also has a playground for kids and a small park. Since people usually spend the whole day there, the aquapark offers many snacks and drinks from the bar.
The inside of it is really nicely decorated with many palm trees, rocks and etc.
After spending a few days there I got pretty tanned. But the photos were taken on our first day there, so that’s the reason why I still look really pale.
After having a cool day at that Aquapark, we usually go to the Starbucks because it’s next to it and we really like drinks from there. Maybe it’s because we don’t have Starbucks here in Lithuania.
IMG_5297 (Copy 1) IMG_5299 (Copy 1) IMG_5300 (Copy 1) IMG_5314 (Copy 1) IMG_5301 (Copy 1) IMG_5312 (Copy 1) IMG_5310 (Copy 1) IMG_5307 (Copy 1) IMG_5309 (Copy 1) IMG_5319 (Copy 1) IMG_5327 (Copy 1) IMG_5315 (Copy 1) IMG_5330 (Copy 1) IMG_5328 (Copy 1) IMG_5320 (Copy 1) IMG_5331 (Copy 1) IMG_5321 (Copy 1) IMG_5332 (Copy 1)

I hope you liked this simple post and some photos. You can check out my video from that trip on YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZPpNw71488
Thank you for reading!


  • Bikini bottoms – Guess
  • Bikini top – H&M
  • Kimono – H&M
  • Watch and bracelet – eBay
  • Fliflops – Asda


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