Hello September!

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Heyy! Happy September everyone! And yea it means that summer is over. That’s pretty sad for me because we have really really cold winters in Lithuania. Also for some of us September means a start of school year. If you have started going to school, college or university, good luck with all the studies. I hope this year will be easy for all of us and fun at the same time. And the next summer will come really fast.
I’m a senior of high school this year. Studying program is a bit different here, so I call myself a senior, so everybody will understand that it’s my last year in school. And yea it means the most important final exams next summer. So I’m not that excited for June. Hopefully I will pass those exams and enter a really good university. Good luck for all of you!

This post will be a little bit shorter than usually. I will show you my outfit while I was visiting a really cool place in Lithuania called  “Pakruojo dvaras”. It’s a really amazing place to visit and spend a weekend with your family. You can visit their page : http://www.pakruojo-dvaras.lt/en . They have everything in English. So you can read everything and look trough some wonderful photos.
As usually I wore a black outfit. I was really happy that it was a warm day, so I had a chance to wear my new romper.
I also want to talk about my new accessories. They are from https://www.facebook.com/illusion.lt ( http://illusion.lt/ ). It’s a really amazing and cute jewellery boutique. I chose a bracelet, necklace with amethyst and some hair elastics. And I’m in love with them! Those accessories match most of my outfits. You should check out their page! And if you liked something, you can always contact them.
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Thank you for reading and always supporting my blog!
P.S my next post and video will be about my latest trip to Greece,Rhodes Island. Get excited!

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34 thoughts on “Hello September!

  1. i’m a senior this year too!! you (and Lithuania) look beautiful 🙂
    this looks so beautiful and fun!! enjoy the memories ❤
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

  2. Love the romper, you could never go wrong with a black one. ❤ i started my last year of university a week and a half a ago! Thank you so much for the good wishes! I hope you have an amazing school year, and I know you're going to pass your final exam! Love the jewelry, amethyst is one of my favorite stones. 💜

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