The end of summer

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Check out my new video about my latest trip :
As I’ve promised I’m back with another post about traveling! This time I will talk about my recent trip to Greece, Rhodes island. The story starts in the middle of August when me and my brother were talking about the new school year. After talking for a while we came up with a genius idea! We decided that we want to do something adventurous and fun. The next day we started surfing the net and we were trying to find a cheap flight to Italy. We’ve never been there, so that’s why I thought that it would be the right time to visit this amazing country. After a few hours we found a really good deal to Greece. We are teenagers, so obviously we can’t afford a really fancy trip. But that deal was perfect for us! It cost almost the same amount of money as a flight to Italy. And for that price we got flight tickets and a really good hotel with ‘All inclusive’. That hotel had everything you need for a good vocation. They had a pool, animators, bars, restaurants, loads of food and drinks, a place for games, beach and the whole territory of that hotel was full of flowers and palm trees. I really enjoyed staying there. We spent there the whole week. It actually was the first time traveling only with my brother . But since we travel a lot, we know how everything goes, what should we do and the most important thing – we speak English. We had soooo much fun, we visited some really incredible places, enjoyed that hot weather (most of the time it was about +28C – +40C degrees),we met many friendly and interesting people. We had a holiday to remember.
I will do some separate posts about all those places we’ve visited because I have quite a lot of photos from every day, so putting all of them in one post would be way too much. So I will show a few photos and of course a posted a new video from this trip! You can check it out : .
IMG_5654 (Copy 1) IMG_5639 (Copy 1) IMG_5648 (Copy 1) IMG_5725 (Copy 1) IMG_5652 (Copy 1) IMG_5734 (Copy 1) IMG_5636 (Copy 1) IMG_5665 (Copy 1) IMG_5875 (Copy 1) IMG_5760 (Copy 1) IMG_5858 (Copy 1) IMG_5878 (Copy 1) IMG_5758 (Copy 1) IMG_5754 (Copy 1) IMG_5742 (Copy 1) IMG_5792 (Copy 1) IMG_5703 (Copy 1) IMG_5931 (Copy 1) IMG_5969 (Copy 1) IMG_5889 (Copy 1) IMG_5973 (Copy 1) IMG_5935 (Copy 1) IMG_5866 (Copy 1) IMG_5756 (Copy 1) IMG_5597 (Copy 1)
I hope you liked this post, the video and photos! Thank you for reading! Have a good day/evening!


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      1. Yesterday I was outside and try to see it on my phone but it keep saying it’s block, finally saw it today on my desktop and I must say the video is really nice, and thank for the drinks.

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