Nissaki beach

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If you have been to Rhodes island, you have probably heard about “Nissaki beach”. And if you haven’t, don’t worry! I will tell you everything about it and share some photos with you!
Nissaki beach is located in a small city called Kolymbia(We stayed in that city). The beach was about 15-20 minute walk from our hotel. We went there a couple of times in the evening. The reason why we chose evenings is that it was really really hot there during the day. It was about +40C degrees. All you want to do in that kind of heat is to spend your time in the pool and enjoy cold drinks.
We really liked Nissaki beach because the water there is always really warm and clear, it’s never crowded, the beach is sandy not full of rocks, so you can lay on the sand. The beach also has a cool looking cliff, you can climb there and take some really cool photos. You can even rent a boat or yacht there. It has a yacht harbour. Obviously you can also watch the sunset there, which is one of my most favorite things ever. Nissaki beach has many fancy restaurants and cafes. So you can have a dinner at beach while watching the sunset. It sounds cool,right? The beach isn’t that far from the center of Kolymbia.
IMG_5652 (Copy 1) IMG_5717 (Copy 1) IMG_5718 (Copy 1) IMG_5655 (Copy 1) IMG_5710 (Copy 1) IMG_5654 (Copy 1) IMG_5643 (Copy 1) IMG_5648 (Copy 1) IMG_5651 (Copy 1) IMG_5647 (Copy 1) IMG_5653 (Copy 1) IMG_5656 (Copy 1) IMG_5659 (Copy 1) IMG_5723 (Copy 1) IMG_5721 (Copy 1) IMG_5725 (Copy 1)
Basically you can see everything from my photos. You also can check out my video from this trip :

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  • Romper – Coolcat
  • Bikini top – H&M
  • Bikini bottoms – Guess
  • Sunglasses – Hunkenmoller
  • Kimono – Colosseum


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