Golden Odyssey

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My new video from last trip : 
Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you had a great week! School is getting worse and worse everyday for me. But I’m glad that I can spend my weekends laying in bed and doing basically nothing.
Since today is Saturday, it means a new post from me. And yea I will continue with my traveling stories. This post might be a little short because most of this it will be photos. The reason why I won’t write that much is that I will tell you about a hotel that we stayed it.
Most of you probably know that I went to Greece,Rhodes Island. And we stayed in a hotel called ‘Golden Odyssey hotel’. It’s a four star hotel which has ‘All inclusive’. It’s actually a pretty small hotel comparing to ones in Egypt or Turkey. But I loved it! Because it was full of flowers, palm trees, cute fountains and etc. There are so many places where you can do an awesome photo shoot. And the hotel is really clean too. Another thing that I like about ‘Golden odyssey’ is the staff . All of them were really friendly and always ready to help. The food was very delicious, lots of choice and really good quality with many choices of  Greek and international cuisine. The hotel also had a tennis court, darts board ,a table tennis table, place for volleyball and many more activities. And the animation team always were trying to keep people entertained. I would highly recommend this hotel if you’re searching for a cute and beautiful place to stay in.
Of course I will show many photos because you can understand everything from them. And I’ve uploaded a video from this trip :
IMG_5665 (Copy 1) IMG_5858 (Copy 1) IMG_5730 (Copy 1) IMG_5728 (Copy 1) IMG_5735 (Copy 1) IMG_5676 (Copy 1) IMG_5663 (Copy 1) IMG_5660 (Copy 1) IMG_5697 (Copy 1) (Copy 1) IMG_5625 (Copy 1) IMG_5591 (Copy 1) IMG_5616 (Copy 1) IMG_5619 (Copy 1) IMG_5614 (Copy 1) IMG_5604 (Copy 1) IMG_5597 (Copy 1) IMG_5866 (Copy 1) IMG_5887 (Copy 1) IMG_5888 (Copy 1) IMG_5889 (Copy 1) IMG_5881 (Copy 1) IMG_5875 (Copy 1) IMG_5870 (Copy 1) IMG_5867 (Copy 1) IMG_5886 (Copy 1) IMG_5885 (Copy 1) IMG_5900 (Copy 1) IMG_5903 (Copy 1) IMG_5893 (Copy 1) IMG_5905 (Copy 1) IMG_5909 (Copy 1) IMG_5916 (Copy 1) IMG_5917 (Copy 1) IMG_5973 (Copy 1) IMG_5969 (Copy 1) IMG_5935 (Copy 1)

Thank you for reading! Have a good week!


  • White dress – Colosseum
  • Black kimono with red flowers – Colosseum
  • Black shoes – H&M
  • Floral romper –
  • Blue floral romper –
  • White shoes – H&M
  • Bikini top – H&M
  • Bikini bottoms – Guess
  • White shirt – Forever21
  • Black bag – Sinsay
  • Bright orange dress – H&M
  • Black kimono – H&M
  • Watch and bracelet – eBay
  • Necklace – H&M


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