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Hello, happy October everyone!
My new video from this trip:

This is probably the last post about my latest trip to Greece, Rhodes Island. But I think this post will be the most interesting one. Because I will talk about such an incredible place called Lindos. Lindos (Greek: Λίνδος) is an archaeological site. It lies on the east coast of the island. And this town has so many places to see. We spent the whole day there. Although, it was about +40C degrees, we still walked a lot and saw basically everything possible there. It’s so ancient! I have never visited an European town like this. It’s really incredible.
Places we’ve visited there:

  • Acropolis of Lindos. It’s the most popular place in this town. It actually takes a lot of time to get there because it’s on top of the mountain but what you see after you reach it, is breathtaking! The acropolis offers spectacular views of the surrounding harbours and coastline. Acropolis is probably the most important place there.
  • Castle of Lindos. This castle is next to the acropolis and it’s also really amazing.
  • Staircase of the Propylaea. 
  • Doric temple of Athena Lindia.
  • Medieval gate of the Acropolis. It’s soooo huge and looks really cool.
  • St. Paul’s Bay. Such a beautiful bay with stunning blue sea and it’s surrounded by Acropolis of Lindos and St.Paul’s church. You can also go snorkeling there. I took so many photos there! Just loved it!
  • Lindos beach. Lindos Beach is amazingly beautiful. We went there after exploring the town all day. So it was a perfect way to relax and rest because that heat makes you extremely exhausted. We probably spent about an hour just swimming in the sea. The was is so clear and warm. It also had a lovely beach bar and many watersports.

Yea we visited that many places just in one day. And we actually came back to our hotel pretty early. We still had time to eat our dinner and enjoy the evening show.

IMG_5767 (Copy 1) IMG_5754 (Copy 1) IMG_5764 (Copy 1) IMG_5748 (Copy 1) IMG_5755 (Copy 1) IMG_5743 (Copy 1) IMG_5746 (Copy 1) IMG_5741 (Copy 1) IMG_5758 IMG_5760 (Copy 1) IMG_5768 (Copy 1) IMG_5742 (Copy 1) IMG_5744 (Copy 1) IMG_5786 (Copy 1) IMG_5789 (Copy 1) IMG_5792 (Copy 1) IMG_5780 (Copy 1) IMG_5779 (Copy 1) IMG_5777 (Copy 1) IMG_5782 (Copy 1) IMG_5773 (Copy 1) IMG_5772 (Copy 1) IMG_5798 (Copy 1) IMG_5806 (Copy 1) IMG_5800 (Copy 1) IMG_5793 (Copy 1) IMG_5815 (Copy 1) IMG_5820 (Copy 1) IMG_5829 (Copy 1) IMG_5814 (Copy 1) IMG_5822 (Copy 1) IMG_5825 (Copy 1) IMG_5833 (Copy 1) IMG_5834 (Copy 1) IMG_5852 (Copy 1) IMG_5846 (Copy 1) IMG_5835 (Copy 1) IMG_5788 (Copy 1)

I hope you liked my posts and photos about Greece. This one is probably the last one. And now I’m waiting for the next trips!


  • Denim romper – Tally Weijl
  • Crop top – H&M
  • Shoes – Converse
  • Sunglasses – Hunkenmoller
  • Backpack – Pull&bear
  • Necklace – H&M
  • Bracelet – a local store in Norway


51 thoughts on “Lindos

      1. I’m studying in Germany Jan to June, so I’ll be poking around Europe quite a bit! Greece, Croatia, and Prague are top of my list! I’m anticipating WordPress becoming my new best friend soon because I know I am going to be a photography nut once I get there and will need somewhere to dump all my pictures and feels!

  1. Great to see you in Rodos, Akvile! Looks like fate has taken us to the same places: Rhodes, Germany, France, Scandinavia… but I’ve not been to Morocco or Egypt. Oh, I’ve been through lovely Lithuania too (my family loved the amber I brought back). I think you’ve wanted to go to Italy. Have you been there yet? If you ever do get to Milan, just contact me and I’ll make you a personal plan for the best area in Milan suited for you and the best places to eat there! Or you can just check out my other main blog [ ]. Happy blogging!

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