Warm autumn day

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Heyy! It’s finally weekend and it means a new post from me! I don’t know if it’s exciting for you or not but I get really excited when I finally have a chance sit down in a comfy spot and write a new blog post. For some kind of reason updating my blog puts me in a really good mood. So I hope that there is somebody who enjoys reading these posts. And thank you for the 4000 followers!

Since I have shared all my traveling stories with you, it’s time to talk about something related to fashion. Yea, I’m back to my usual outfit posts. Gosh, I haven’t done one in a really long time and it feels so good ! Since the autumn has already started, the leaves got colorful and the weather got chillier, I decided to show you my basic autumn outfit. It’s already pretty cold here in Lithuania but today was an exception. It was actually raining in the morning but in the afternoon the weather got better. The sun started shining and there was no wind, which is really unusual here. During the autumn season I usually wear black tights, warm coats and chunky boots. That’s exactly what I wore today! I usually wear a scarf and gloves with my outfits but today wasn’t that cold. And since I’m a huge fan of skirts and dresses (I basically don’t wear pants) I wore my new dress. I think it looks pretty good with my coat. And I chose one of my favorite places in my area to take photos. It’s the old town of Klaipėda. I have posted some photos from there in the past.

Well, I think that’s it for today’s post. I hope you will like this short update and my photos. I hope you will find my outfit useful or interesting. Thank you for reading!


IMG_6026 (Copy 1) IMG_6021 (Copy 1) IMG_6020 (Copy 1) IMG_6027 (Copy 1) IMG_6018 (Copy 1) IMG_6017 (Copy 1) IMG_6015 (Copy 1) IMG_6014 (Copy 1) IMG_6028 (Copy 1) IMG_6029 (Copy 1) IMG_6030 (Copy 1) IMG_6032 (Copy 1) IMG_6019 (Copy 1) IMG_6013 (Copy 1) IMG_6011 (Copy 1) IMG_6012 (Copy 1) IMG_6010 (Copy 1) IMG_6005 (Copy 1) IMG_6006 (Copy 1) IMG_6008 (Copy 1) IMG_6009 (Copy 1) IMG_5999 (Copy 1) IMG_6001 (Copy 1) IMG_6002 (Copy 1) IMG_6007 (Copy 1) IMG_6003 (Copy 1) IMG_6004 (Copy 1) IMG_5998 (Copy 1) IMG_5985 (Copy 1) IMG_5994 (Copy 1) IMG_5988 (Copy 1) IMG_5996 (Copy 1) IMG_5987 (Copy 1) IMG_5992 (Copy 1) IMG_5986 (Copy 1) IMG_5990 (Copy 1) IMG_5989 (Copy 1) IMG_6025 (Copy 1)

  • Dress – H&M
  • Coat – H&M
  • Shoes – Primark
  • Clutch – H&M
  • Necklace – from a local store in Norway
  • Earrings – Tally Weijl


47 thoughts on “Warm autumn day

  1. Love the shape of that dress!

    That picture of you holding the ends up make me think though, what if you use a petticoat underneath? It completely transforms the shape of it, almost becomes a whole other dress! It might be overdoing it on this outfit, but perhaps with a short sleeved coat or shawl… I dunno! I think I might have to go H&M and buy it myself! XD

  2. I agree with you – updating my blog makes me so happy, too! I’m glad I came to wordpress as a blogging platform, its the best one! The community is simply amazing. Congratulations on 4,00p followers. It is well deserved! 🌻💕

    I am in love with your chunky boots, I love that you wore them with a super girly dress. Its perfect. I also really love your necklace, the tassle is so bohemian. Loved your outfit! Hope you have an amazing Monday! 🌹

  3. Love that beautiful dress you’re wearing!!!
    Haven’t seen it at H&M Germany yet!
    Just published a new autumn look today on blog,too!
    Maybe you’d like to see it 🙂


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