Floppy hat means autumn

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Hello! What’s up? What’s new?
The best thing that happened to me during this week is that my autumn holidays have already started! Finally! I passed all those tests  and I can finally spend a week in bed, watching movies, reading books and not worrying about school! Sometimes staying at home is exciting for me because I don’t get a chance to spend time doing nothing that often.

I’m back with another autumn outfit! Yaaay! So, another clothing related things I like are floppy hats. But I don’t have a lot of them tho. I wish I could wear them more often. I think that floppy hats spice up your outfit and it looks like you’ve tried to put a cool outfit but in reality you just put a floppy hat and feel like a diva! If it’s a windy day outside it might be a problem to wear it (believe me, it has happened to me before). And actually Lithuania is one of those countries where it’s always windy and raining. So, if an exception happens, I never miss a chance to wear it!
As I’ve talked about how much I love dresses and coats in my last post, you can see the same situation going on in this outfit again. I think that this coat is pretty unique, it looks like a coat but feels like a cardigan or something like that. That’s why I love it! And to make my dress look more interesting I put a lace crop top which is of course black. And at the end to make everything look even better I chose my favorite tights and my new shoes.

I hope you will like my second autumn inspired outfit! Thank you for reading! I hope the rest of this weekend will be awesome for you!

Oh, I want to show you a really cool drawing of my last outfit by hswannart.wordpress.com  . Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it!



IMG_6062 (Copy 1) IMG_6063 (Copy 1) IMG_6053 (Copy 1) IMG_6049 (Copy 1) IMG_6057 (Copy 1) IMG_6068 (Copy 1) IMG_6064 (Copy 1) IMG_6054 (Copy 1) IMG_6065 (Copy 1) IMG_6069 (Copy 1) IMG_6060 (Copy 1) IMG_6051 (Copy 1) IMG_6048 (Copy 1) IMG_6041 (Copy 1) IMG_6045 (Copy 1) IMG_6046 (Copy 1) IMG_6040 (Copy 1) IMG_6075 (Copy 1) IMG_6037 (Copy 1) IMG_6074 (Copy 1) IMG_6039 (Copy 1) IMG_6038 (Copy 1) IMG_6073 (Copy 1) IMG_6070 (Copy 1) IMG_6035 (Copy 1) IMG_6072 (Copy 1) IMG_6034 (Copy 1) IMG_6033 (Copy 1) IMG_6036 (Copy 1) IMG_6043 (Copy 1)

  • Dress – H&M
  • Crop top – H&M
  • Shoes – Luciana de Luca
  • Floppy hat – Seppala
  • Watch and necklace – eBay
  • Coat – H&M


53 thoughts on “Floppy hat means autumn

  1. What’s even better than your clever outfits is your confidence and poise! Thank you for liking my post. I hope you have many wonderful occasions this autumn to show off your terrific floppy hat!

  2. I agree, wearing a floppy hat totally makes you feel like a diva. I LOVE floppy hats! Your outfit is perfect, I love everything about it. It has a cool-girl vibe, but is still perfectly girly. I love it. That drawing of your last outfit is amazing! The artist is really talented. Enjoy your break! Spend as much time as you can doing nothing! 😁♥

  3. Hey nice hat! I just followed you. It would great if can support me. We can mutually help each other growing. Thank you 😀

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