Sweater weather

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Hello! What’s up? I’m sorry for not posting anything last weekend. I’ve been really busy with school work and I’m having many tests this week. I have to do some extra things because I might be going to USA next month.

Since it’s autumn everybody gets obsessed with sweaters. To be honest “Sweater weather” is already at the end of summer here in Lithuania. It gets way too cold to be wearing only a sweater during this time of the year. But I still wanted to show you one of my favorite sweaters (I have a quite a lot of them). I didn’t want to cover it with a coat or scarf so I decided to take all of these photos indoors. And another reason why I didn’t go outside is that It was raining all day and the wind was so strong that it was even difficult to walk. At the evening I went for a dinner with my family. I wanted to wear something simple but look a little bit unique. So I chose to wear a hat and my favorite red matte lipstick. And yea I’m wearing a dress like always. To make this outfit not all black I wore grey tights .

How do I spend my rainy days? I usually spend the whole day reading a really interesting book. I also I can’t imagine a cosy day without green tea and a scented candle. And I want to share my new favorite candle with you. It’s from a cool store called A.GO Atelier . The scent I use is “Mewango“. The scent describtion: A perfect mood-boost for romance and relaxation.   This is a spicy gourmand/oriental fragrance. Accord opens with bergamot, leads to a heart of jasmin, ylang, lily, violet and rose with marine notes on a rich base of patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, musks, tonka, vanilla, sugar, cinnamon and vetivert.This exotic scent is a romantic, passionate home perfume full of love and warmth. 

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I hope you will like this post! Thank you for reading! Take care!


IMG_6131 (Copy 1) IMG_6140 (Copy 1) IMG_6134 (Copy 1) IMG_6142 (Copy 1) IMG_6146 (Copy 1) IMG_6139 (Copy 1) IMG_6136 (Copy 1) IMG_6143 (Copy 1) IMG_6138 (Copy 1) IMG_6141 (Copy 1) IMG_6135 (Copy 1)

  • Dress – H&M
  • Sweater – Forever21
  • Shoes – H&M
  • Earings – Primark
  • Hat – H&M
  • Necklace – H&M


55 thoughts on “Sweater weather

  1. Cute sweater! You look great! I am guilty of not being a reader but I do have audible so I have someone reading to me? Does that count as reading? haha. Well, I like to watch movies and have some wine on rainy days.Take care.

  2. You’re beautiful. ❤ Love the sweater. & is that henna on your hand or a tattoo? Either way, it's lovely! Such a cute wallpaper as well. Hope you had an amazing day!

  3. Akviilee!

    This is such a lovely post! The outfit is chic, comfortable and beautifully tailored to you! The red matte lips are perfect with the colors. I used to wear black, black and white and black and grey quite a bit in yesteryear. Mind you, I loved it, and there are even traces of the color schemes in my minimalist closet at the moment, but I am currently a fan of fanfare colors…and the sparkling flair of white!

    I love your poses, so varied and divine for that adorable corner near the window. You are quite the pro at this blogging delight. We can learn from you! Oh, the writer in me must add that I admire the elegance of your pen! Great job all around!

    Okay! I’ve got to fall into slumber now. What is left of the morning is calling me to rest!

    Have a marvelous Monday!

    1. Thank you a lot! It makes me so happy to know that somebody actually enjoys reading my posts. Thank you so much for reading ! I’m glad you liked it 🙂

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