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Hey! Can you believe that December is almost here?! Me neither. That Christmas season is coming so quickly, it’s crazy! But another thing that I can’t believe is that I’m leaving in 6 days! I’m so excited! Everything is almost packed, all flights and hotels are booked and the mood is getting better and better every day. Even the bad weather(it has been raining and snowing the whole week) can’t ruin my excitement !

I want to show you a cosy outfit which I wore while shopping for our trip. When I know that I will be walking a lot and searching for something, I always make sure that my shoes are comfortable enough for that, so that’s why I chose my new winter shoes for shopping. Another thing that I like wearing at the moment are long shirt dresses with leggings. Of course, since it’s really cold here, I had to wear a coat with my outfit. Also I like wearing backpacks more than regular bags because  it’s definitely way more comfortable, you don’t have to carry your massive bag on only one shoulder and both of your hands are always free. And let’s ignore the fact that I got an iced coffee while it was about -1C degrees outside.

I still don’t know if it is the last post before my trip or not. But If I will have time, I will definitely post something. If not, you can expect a post from me around December 22-23. If I will find wifi somewhere while travelling, I might post something on my Instagram ( or Snapchat (akviilee). So you can follow me there. I promise to update my blog with loads of photos and videos when I get back.

I hope you will like this post! Take care!


IMG_6174 (Copy 1)IMG_6186 (Copy 1)IMG_6179 (Copy 1)IMG_6177 (Copy 1)IMG_6176 (Copy 1)IMG_6181 (Copy 1)IMG_6187 (Copy 1)IMG_6180 (Copy 1)IMG_6184 (Copy 1)IMG_6188 (Copy 1)IMG_6182 (Copy 1)IMG_6178 (Copy 1)

  • Shirt dress – Sinsay
  • Shoes – Sinsay
  • Coat – Bershka
  • Backpack – Pull&Bear
  • Necklace – made by my friend
  • Earrings – Primark


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  1. Time flies so quickly! I can hardly believe it’s December! Just in time for cozy outfits and layering up 🙂

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