Downtown Miami

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Hello! I’m back with another post about Miami! This time I will talk only about Miami not Miami beach. So, if you would like to find out more about my trip, you can check out my new video .

MSC Divina comes back to Miami every Saturday and since we were travelling with that cruise ship for 2 weeks, we had a chance to spend the whole day in Dowtown Miami, mostly Bayside. The weather was awesome like always, sunny and hot. We were so glad that it didn’t rain that day because during this time of the year it rains basically everyday in Miami. We went to the Bayside Marketplace. It has lots of cool shops, restaurants, cafes and some entertainment. For example, they had a little live concert outside, where people could dance Latin dances. I mostly shopped at Victoria’s Secret because they had some really good sales and Victoria’s Secret is a pretty expensive store here in Europe.
We also visited The AmericanAirlines Arena, where most of the Miami heat games are happening. And all I can say about that arena is that it’s huge!
I finally had a chance to try some drinks from Starbucks winter holiday menu. My favorite drink was iced chestnut praline latte (with soya milk, of course). I wish I could have it right now!
After shopping  for a few hours, we decided to explore the Downtown. And the amount of skyscrapers we saw there, just amazed me. It was something incredible! As I have mentioned in one of my posts, it’s impossible to find something like this in Europe. And it feels so awesome to be walking around the city full of palm trees and skyscrapers. I also loved how friendly people are there. I really want to come back! One day, hopefully.

I know that this post might not be that intersting but I still hope you will like it! My next post will be finally about the cruise ship! And, of course, it means a new video! Take care!

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  • Shirt – Reserved
  • Shorts – NewYorker
  • Shoes – H&M
  • Backpack – Pull&Bear
  • Sunglasses – Hunkenmoller
  • Necklace – made by my friend
  • Watch – eBay



67 thoughts on “Downtown Miami

  1. So beautiful- your photos and what you wrote, makes me wish I was there or could go there right now. I miss the summer, the beach and palm trees. If I was rich, I’d buy an apartment or something small there, so I can escape the winter 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love Miami !! I was in Miami in November. I had the time of my life. I was in New York for 3days then I traveled to Miami for 4day, I loved every minute.what are your top 3 conrtey you would like to go? Xx

    1. That’s sooo awesome! New York! You’re really lucky! I think I would like to visit Thailand for the nature, Japan for the culture and Brazil because I have so friends there and it seems like such an awesome place to visit. And yours? xx

      1. It’s a lovely city ,I live in London. It’s cold but you will love it.if you ever do get to come to London let know me know. I tell you some great places to go. xx

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      1. Yes I love it, was born and raised here all my life (: Sometimes it can be so hot that I hate it but no doubt about it very nice place to vacation or live ❤

  4. I will be visiting Miami soon so I will be referencing this post for my trip 🙂 Thanks for posting !. I`m from Trinidad and Tobago. Lovely islands, hope you get to visit us sometime 🙂

  5. I have a love affair with chicandcheap shoes. H&M make them wonderfully, and shoes like that are always good for travel, as you can throw them out when you’re done! 🙂 miami looks fun, I miss it. Best Cuban food, ever. Im excited to explore your site!

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