2 weeks on MSC Divina


Heyy! How are you all doing?
Finally, posts about my trip with cruise ship will begin! I don’t know what about you but it’s actually really exciting for me! I really hope you will enjoy these posts!
I’ve always posted a new video from this ship, check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWHMy9BiDaY
If you’ve been following me for a while, you might know that I’ve traveled with a cruise ship in the past. This time we chose cruise called MSC Divina. People usually travel for only 1 week, that’s why it comes back to Miami every Saturday. But since we came all the way from Lithuania, we decided to stay there for 2 weeks! And I can say, that it was one of the best decisions ever! We visited so many wonderful and breathtaking places, met so many people, had many adventures, saw different cultures, tried new food, etc. We went to: Miami,U.S. Virgin islands, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Mexico, Cayman islands, Bahamas (2 times). I will talk about every single place in my next posts because this post is about the ship.
MSC Divina is an Italian ship and it’s huge! It has 18 floors. On your first day there you can even get lost! It has so many lounge areas with live music till the middle of night, cafes, restaurants, a big theater, a couple of pools, many jacuzzis, clubs, places for children and teenagers, a water slide, places for sunbathing, SPA and so much more.
Every evening they have a different show with professional dancers, singers, acrobats and magicians. Those shows get better and better every night.
Also, the animation team is really cool there, they always have to suggest many interesting activities, competitions with prizes. I could learn many new dances every day because some of them are dancers.  They just know how to entertain all kinds of people. After a few days they became my friends, I spent most of my time with them. I actually still keep in touch with them.
Another things I liked about MSC Divina is all those themed parties. For example, one night the dress code was: white,red and green. So, we had an Italian evening with lots of Italian food, drinks, songs, dances. Another evening the dress code was: 70’s & 80’s. It means that we had a “Flower party” with 70’s-80’s music and where almost everyone was wearing floral clothing. Also we had “All white party”. That party was outside with lights and bubbles. We were dancing all night under the Caribbean sky. Of course, there were some formal nights, where everybody was dressed really fancy. I will show you many of my outfits in my next posts.
We were a part of MSC Yacht club. To be honest, I never lived a fancier life before. We had 2 rooms in our cabin with some big windows. We could use mini bar as much as we wanted, we always had fresh fruit and snacks in our cabin. I could order room service 24/7 and everything was free. We even had a menu for pillows! We also had our own butler, who was always taking care of us. We didn’t have to stand in long lines. Yacht club members have private pool areas, restaurants, lounge areas where other guests can’t go. We also could drink as many cocktails, vines and other drinks as we wanted. They had international chefs working in the kitchen, so the food was always excellent with a lot of vegan options. And the staff is amazing there. Everybody is really polite, friendly and they were always making sure that our vocation is going smoothly. They make you feel like you’re the most important person in the world (and I’m not talking only about Yacht club members).
I actually still can’t believe that I had this opportunity to experience all of this. It was the best vocation I ever had!
If you have any plans on traveling with this cruise ship, you can always contact me!
Thank you so much for reading! Stay tuned for my other posts about this ship. And I hope you will like these photos! Take care!


33 thoughts on “2 weeks on MSC Divina

      1. Thinking about cruising on the msc Devina does everyone on this cruise speak Italian is all the shows in italian. Is there a lot of stuff to do for 4 an 6 year olds. Thanks

      2. Hello, a huge part of the crew is Italian and most of them speak Italian or at least know the basic phrases. And most of the shows are with music, so you don’t really have to know the language. There is a kids club with some animators who spend a lot of time with kids. They play games, dance,draw, get crafty and just get creative. Of course, there are some pools for kids. I think that there are so many things to do for kids and there and there are people who are trying to keep kids constantly entertained.:)

  1. A few months ago I traveled with MSC too (Msc Poesia), but in Europe; so your post brought back many good memories. Can’t wait to see your pictures from those amazing destinations! Also, thank you for visiting my blog 😀

      1. It was nice and elegant, but an older ship (they didn’t have those amazing stairs for example, but normal ones). Another one was on MSC Splendida a few years ago and I liked more this ship. However, their staff is so great and I was pleased with both cruises, so I would definitely recommend their line.

  2. They really do make you feel like the most important person in the world. I got so used to it that I was shocked when no one was there to cater to my every need after I got off the ship.

  3. Oh my goodness, Acvile!!!

    I love this outstanding blog post! That ship was quintessentially a floating work of art! I love the places you visited and relished my time in most of them! So glad you had the opportunity to visit for two weeks. The fashion was cruise ship perfection, graceful, pretty and comfortable. And that slave bracelet in one of the pictures was simply my kind of sexy jewelry. I got mine from a Renaissance Festival here in Georgia one summer!!

    Another beautiful post!!

    Thank you,

      1. Hi Akviilee!
        Hellooo! You are so welcome! Awesome! My joy is to spread happiness in the world! Yesss! I’m looking around for my Dream Board. Perhaps I’ll create an online one, the new thing!
        Do you have a digital dream board?
        Have a great day!
        I’m blogging with my five-month-old nephew’s tiny feet joyously pummeling my back. 🙂 xx

  4. Love this post! I’m actually going to be on the MSC Divina in May and I’m very excited! Do you know if they have happy hour times? I’m thinking of purchasing the drink package but was curious what they had available. Did you get to try out the spa at all? I heard that it’s really gorgeous 🙂

    1. Hey! I’m not sure because I was a yacht club member, so the drinks were included . But I think they have a lot of drink packages. They also have special drinks during the parties . And the spa is incredible there! Definitely worth a try! Also, I loved the gym. Have fun there 🙂

  5. Your outfits looked so great and fit for the trip. I’m sure you had a lovely time there, your face was all lighted up. I hope that someday I will be as lucky as you were, to try a cruise like this! Great photos.

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