More cuteness from COCOMELODY


Hello! Since a lot of people enjoyed my last post, I decided to share some more things about wedding. And after this I will hopefully continue posting my traveling posts, of course if my computer will get fixed.

Every bride is searching for a different dress. It’s impossible to create a dress suitable for every bride. That’s why I think that Cocomelody is an amazing store for every single bride. Last time I showed you some dresses for a beach wedding and the ones from new 2016 collection. This time I decided to share some backless Wedding Dresses . I think all of them look really unique. This store has so many styles and lenghts of dresses. I’ve seen so many beautiful women getting married and choosing an open back wedding dress. I love how those dresses have a lot of cute details and prints. They have long and some knee high dresses. Every bride would find a suitable one for her. I think women who like cute things, will like those dresses with ribbons. Cocomelody has so many adorable dresses, I just can’t choose one! So, I will show you some examples of backless dresses :

If you’re interested in buying any of these, you can use a special code to get 25$ OFF. It’s a really great sade for evert bride. The code is :”W25″. imageI hope it will be helpful for some people. Thank you for reading!
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19 thoughts on “More cuteness from COCOMELODY

  1. Morning greetings Akviilee!

    Oh my goodness, but these dresses walked right out of the wedding I never had! And in the line-up, I shall be forced to select the second one! It is breathtakingly lovely, so divine it could marry itself! Every detail whispers elegance.

    I do intend to be married again, though. This time, I shall have the beach wedding on Fiji and the whole nine yards (I’ve often wondered nine yards of what…but that is neither here nor there!). I loved this post and shall now find my way to the Summer Wedding post! 😀 Nope, no proposals as yet, but what does that matter when one has faith! 🙂

    Wedding Cheers,

    1. Thank you for always reading my posts ! And yea wedding on Fiji sounds like a dream wedding ! Hopefully we will have a chance to attend a wedding there !

      1. You are most welcome, Akvile! Your blog and YouTube presences are sensational! And thank you!! You’ve ever got to have a few dreams in your heart at all times! It makes for a fascinating life!

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