US Virgin Islands


Hello! My laptop is finally fixed and it means that I’m back with another traveling post! This time I will talk about our first stop while traveling with MSC Divina. It was US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas. I have already uploaded a new video about this amazing place, you can check it out:

As I have mentioned before, our first stop was Saint Thomas. Of course, it was insanely hot there but since I’m a hot weather lover, it wasn’t a problem to me. We came there at about 9am and we had to leave at about 5pm (I don’t remember the exact times). So, we didn’t have that much time to see the whole island . And there are so many places to see! We chose a trip around the whole island. I think it was a great decision because we saw a lot of beutiful things. The first stop was “Mountain top”. The height there is 1,500 feet above sea level, so the view there is breathtaking! You can see both the US and British Virgin Islands, a total of 20 islands in all. “National Geographic has rated this view of Magens Bay as one of the 10 best views in the world”. Impressive, right?
The next stop was “Drake’s seat”. It’s also a place with an amazing landscape. It’s a great way to see Megan’s Bay and beyond. If you’re going there in the middle of day, you have to be really careful because the road is full of iguanas. The road gets really hot, so they like to lay there. After that we went to “Mahogany Run Golf Course”. But we didn’t stay there for long, we just looked around and went to other places. We went to one more place which was surrounded by incredible nature but I just can’t remember the name of it. It basically looked like jungle! You probably know that I love places like this. At the end of our tour we went to “Market square”. It is a local market which has a lot of fruit, vegetables, spices, etc. After that we had a little bit more time, so we decided to go shopping at a place not that far from the cruise ship terminal. We bought some gifts for our friends and family and came back to the ship. I can say, that we had an incredible and unforgettable day. I hope you will enjoy my video and photos.



  • Shirt- Forever21
  • Shorts- Sinsay
  • Shoes- H&M
  • Sunglasses- Hunkenmoller
  • Backpack- Pull&Bear
  • Necklace- H&M

I also want to talk about one food related thing. If you travel a lot, you probably get hungry while exploring those amazing places. That’s why you should always have a snack with you. I know that most of the people eat really unhealthy while traveling, so you should at least try to have some healthy snacks with you. I want to show you a snack that would keep me full while traveling. It’s “Tundra snack“. A little bit about these snacks: “TUNDRA bars are made only from natural products – buckwheat, which is grown in Lithuania, carefully selected nuts and sweetened with dates and rasins. So there is no sugar, sweeteners or preservatives.” They’re vegan, gluten free, whole grain and sugar free. So, they’re suitable for everyone. You need to check them out!




Thank you for reading!



74 thoughts on “US Virgin Islands

      1. Of course I should travel…on an exotic island perhaps :)) but I have a busy schedule right now….

  1. Very glad for u that u were able to be in a tropical paradise. Did u get any sense of the cost of living there, prices for food, etc., relative to on the mainland USA? I thought of moving there, but people there told me the pricing of housing and other basics is super high. Thanks again for liking my vegansamurai articles:)

    1. Actually, housing is not that expensive but the price of food might be on a higher side. But if you’re shopping in the local supermarkets, not the ones made for tourists, it’s not that expensive anymore 🙂
      Thank you for reading !

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