My favorite healthy snacks


Hey! This time I won’t share any new traveling stories but I will talk about food and it’s a big part of those trips, right? If you would like to see something more related to traveling, you can check out my new video:

Most of us tend to eat really unhealthy while traveling. Yea, it sometimes happens to me too. Some people think that vegans always eat healthy but it’s not true. There are so much vegan junk food. All those vegan cookies, burgers, ice cream, fries, etc. When you’re traveling, you usually try a lot of new things. After eating junk food like this, you might not feel your best. That’s why I try to find some new healthy snacks after I come back. Today, I will share some of my new favorites.

We all love those kind of snacks which we can take with us. My new favorite things to always have with me are smoothies and juices. I’ve recently discovered this juice brand called “Giraffe smoothies & juices“.
A little bit about this company: “Giraffe Products consist of never heated (raw) fruits, vegetables and nothing more. Innovative Cold-Press and Pascalization technologies allowed us to create a new category of super-premium juice – a huge amount of fruits in the bottle without any additives, concentrates and all other bad things. Therefore, when you open Giraffe bottle you smell fruits, just as they came from the nature.” I can’t imagine a day without their drinks. They are 100% natural, without any added sugar or preservatives.  Also, I love that they have 2 sizes of bottles. I usually use the big bottles at home and I take the small ones with me. My favorite kind of juice is called “Super Berry” and smoothie “Piña colada”. I’m already excited for tomorrow’s morning because of their smoothies! You should check them out!

I have one more options to suggest you. My other favorite snacks are healthy bars. I have talked about “Tundra Snack“in my last post but I want to mention them again because they are that awesome!
They are made from 100% natural products and they taste incredible! I always carry at least one of their bars in my bag.

I really hope this post will be helpful for you. Share your favorite snacks with me! Thank you for reading!





45 thoughts on “My favorite healthy snacks

  1. Morning Akviilee,

    Another sensational post! Love it and the drinks and healthy snacks!! I’m a Vegan Vixen as well, and I love the almond and cashew dessert alternatives…along with all the other delights I discover at my local grocery! I’ve never ordered snacks online. Hmmm. Interesting.

    I will admit that your eyes’ wing is WONDERFUL! I’m yet working on mastering that little dandy! Perhaps I should begin with a high quality liner, with an end thinner than a hair! We’ll see!

    Have a beautiful Valentine’s Day!!!

    1. Thank you so much! Can you recommend me any cool snacks to try? And have you heard about vegan box swap ? I’m doing that with some people from Australia and France and it’s amazing! You should try it !
      Talking about my wing eyeliner, I’m new to this and I still have to learn how to make it perfect! Good luck !
      Happy Valentine’s Day for you too !!

      1. Morning Akviilee!
        You are most welcome! Yes, indeed, I can recommend a few vegan treats! Hmmmm. Let’s see.
        1. Baked kale!
        It is absolutely delicious. You cut the tough stem from the middle and place the rinsed kale on a baking tray, and then you sprinkle olive oil and your favorite spices atop the leaves. Bake the treat for a few minutes, until the kale is virtually crunchy. It is sensational!!!
        2. Slice apples and carrots and dip them into fresh guacamole!!! I simply love the freshness of this treat. Yes, I know these two could simply be vegetarian delights, but they really are quite good!
        3. Dehydrate sweet potato pinwheels. Then sprinkle with raw honey! This is crazy delicious for bagged snacks.

        I hope these help, Akviilee! The Baked Kale is my favorite!

        I’ve never heard of the Vegan Box Swap! It has a charming sound though! Have you written a post on how it went? 🙂
        I love learning all things MAKE-UP!!!

      2. Thank you for these suggestions! I really love kale, too!! I also love putting kale to my smoothies. And I’ve already received my first box from France and I got so many amazing vegan snacks, you should also try it !!
        Thank you for reading!

      3. You are most welcome! I am so happy the suggestions are useful, and something is telling me to give the Vegan Snacks from around the world a try!
        I shall visit your post on it to observe how it is done!
        You’re welcome! It is a pleasure to visit your blog!

      4. You can join the “Vegan box swap” group on Facebook and you will find so many people who would like to share their snacks with you!
        My next post will probably be about some beverages and some more vegan snacks !

  2. Great post. I never drive anywhere longer than an hour without apples and carrots in the car. They are great waker-uppers when you get groggy, and of course 100% all natural healthful food. People think I’m kidding. No, really. I confess, I often bring a baggie of pretzels, too.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog, Side/Dishes – if you like what you see (and there’s an eclectic range of material covered), feel free to follow along!

    Also, true about vegan junk food – my two year old is hooked. lol.

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