Puerto Rico!


Hey, happy Sunday! Weekends usually mean a new post from me ! And it’s another post about my trip! This time I will tell you everything about San Juan, Puerto Rico. You can check out my video from there : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZcCeGgql_4 . Thanks!

Puerto Rico was our second stop while traveling with MSC Divina. We went to San Juan, it’s the capital of Puerto Rico. Like usually we choose to take a tour around the whole city. I think it was the best idea to travel like that there. We saw the both sides of San Juan because it’s basically divided into two parts. The first place we visited was a place full of kind of creepy statues, it’s really difficult to explain it and I can’t find the name on the internet. I will post some photos from there and you will understand. It was really interesting, also it had a cool fountain. After that we went to local Farmer’s market. I loved it! It had so many interesting fruits that I have never seen before. The size of mangoes were crazy! That market also has the longest cigar in the world. Of course, you can’t have a city tour in Puerto Rico without visiting beaches. The beach we went to is called “Condado Beach”. Actually, it’s a really small beach and rocky but it has a sandy place for sunbathing. But we didn’t spend that much time there because we wanted to see the whole city. After spending some time there, we went to a place called “San Juan National Historic site”. It has  colonial-era forts such as Castillo San Felipe del Morro,bastions, powder houses, and three fourths of the old city wall. I really liked Castillo San Cristóbal because it is so acient and it’s the largest fortification built by the Spanish. When we climb to the top of that fort, you can see the whole city. The view there is breathtaking! I think everybody should visit that fort while traveling in Puerto Rico.
Also, we went to Santa María Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery, El Capitolio, San Juan Cathedral but we didn’t spend that much time there. When our tour was over, we still wanted to see something more. So, we decided to go to some local places. One of the things I liked the most about San Juan are the buildings. The colours of buildings are so amazing. Imagine living in a city full of pastel colours. Incdredible, right?! I have way too many photos of those houses. Oh well.. At the end of the day we went to a local cafe to get some coconut water. I don’t know why but I can’t imagine my holidays without coconuts. While we were enjoying the sun and the coconut water, some local dancers came and wanted to dance with me. Yea, you can see it on my video, it was pretty awkward but fun! Just ignore my moves!

That’s it for now! Thank you for reading! Enjoy my photos!
IMG_6848IMG_6945IMG_6958IMG_6895 (Copy 1)IMG_6970IMG_6874IMG_6932IMG_6930IMG_6882IMG_6955IMG_6965IMG_6914IMG_6925IMG_6903IMG_6998IMG_6984IMG_6991IMG_6961IMG_6866IMG_6910IMG_6986IMG_6977IMG_6974IMG_7015IMG_7013IMG_6930IMG_7008


  • Denim romper – Tally Weijl
  • Crop top – H&M
  • Shoes – Converse
  • Sunglasses – Hunkenmoller
  • Backpack – Pull&Bear
  • Necklace – H&M
  • Watch – eBay


110 thoughts on “Puerto Rico!

  1. So cool! I did expect Puerto Rico to be a bit different, though I see it looks sort of like Portugal? Hah! Also liked this outfit, did you get those denim romper now or are they already older? Hope to find sth like this but rather with a skirt!

    1. I got them in summer, so it was a long time ago. I think you can find something similar in Bershka.And yea Puerto Rico is a bit different then most of the people think but it’s such an amazing place to visit !

      1. On my first trip, I was with family. We stayed at a resort in Dorado, and went to San Juan. On my second trip, I went alone and stayed with a friend who lives in San Juan. I also rented a car, and drove around most of the island, including to Ponce, Lajas, Aguadilla, and El Yunque.

  2. I must admit that I never realized that Puerto Rico looks like that. For some reason, the colours of the buildings remind me of what my friends have shown me from Cuba. They are just wonderful!

  3. I love the photos! I’m going to PR in two weeks and I was wondering if you had any issues with the mosquitos. I know the Zika virus is going around there and in other tropical areas, and my parents are telling me to wear long sleeves and jeans (I really don’t want to) but did you feel worried about it at all?

    1. Hey, I went there about a month ago, so we still didn’t know anything about the Zika. I actually didn’t feel any mosquitos there . For example, a few days later we went to Jamaica and we were traveling in a jungle and even there we didn’t that many mosquitos. I think you can wear a t-shirt but you can keep a cardigan, just in case 🙂

    2. They sell bug repellent bracelets in the CVS and Walgreen’s in the touristy- areas. Maybe try some of those! They are often at the register or the travel section of the store.

  4. Buenas tardes Akviilee!

    Wow! Me encantan tus fotos! Que hermosas! Un otro post fabuloso! Ahora! Did you get a chance to speak Spanish while visiting the island? 🙂 Yo creo que si! Me voy a visitar tu video ahora!

    Tener un gran dia!


      1. LOL
        Lo entiendo! I understand! I practice every chance I get! When I enjoyed your video, I wondered if you’d had someone to film you dancing with the dancers that showed up! I loved their costumes and their enthusiasm! Great video!
        Ooops! I got so caught up in my day, until I completely forgot to go check out the Facebook Vegan group you shared! I WILL GET THERE SOON!
        In the meanwhile, have a Fabulous Friday!!!

      2. Hey, I’m really glad you liked my video because I really enjoy making them and I thought that nobody even watches them . Let me know, if you will find someone to swap a vegan box with! Have a great weekend !

      3. Evening Akviilee!
        Oh my goodness! I’ve been running behind one baby nephew and two grand babies all day. I’m pooped, and I’m just now returning to this open window.
        So…you are most welcome! Your videos are so filled with life and activity. Watching them, feel as if I’m vicariously experiencing the sights and feeling the joy of encountering a new place. Please believe that you have viewers even if they are silent. I noticed that about blogging. A fellow blogger said I always come read around in your blog, although I tend to be a silent visitor!
        Now…THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE REMINDER!!! I’d totally forgotten about the Vegan Box Swap! Muchas gracias otra vez!
        Okay! I will let you know my progress! 🙂

  5. Some great images!

    Within a loving doubt, please i beg of you, too enjoy fully, life is far to short!

    i also see that you stopped by to have a read!

    i thank you kindly..

    cheers chris

  6. I love Old San Juan! I live near there (well, since college I’ve been living in CT/MA, but my parents still live on the island!). I was raised in PR, but I’m not sure what the creepy statues you are referring to are. Perhaps they are the collection of statues of the US presidents that have set foot on the island? If I saw a picture maybe I would know! I’m glad you enjoyed it there :)) It’s a lovely place!

    1. Hey, thank you for reading my post! I bet growing up there was amazing! You must be really lucky! And talking about those statues, I don’t think that they are representing the presidents. They’re not that creepy, they’re just weird looking. But I actually liked them because they’re pretty unique !

  7. Ahhh this is on my bucket list!! Beautiful photos!!! Thanks for the recent like on my Starlite Lounge post. I love your blog, followed, and hope you wouldn’t mind a follow back? I have a lot of beauty, fashion, and travel posts on the way!!

  8. We spent our honeymoon in Old San Juan, have some pictures in the same spot you have 🙂
    I love the passion you write about your trips. You got a follower.
    Looking forward to your future posts.

      1. …didn’t post them 😦 . Just started to blog few months and didn’t thought about posting our travels but now if I think about it, might not be a bad idea. Thanks for inspiring me 🙂

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