Cayman Islands, George Town


Hello! Happy International Women’s Day to my all the lovely ladies out there!
I’m finally back with another traveling post! This time I will tell you everything about my short visit on Cayman Islands. I’ve already posted a video from that trip on my YouTube channel, you can check it out:

I’ve also changed my domain, so if you used to type to find my blog, now you can just simply type:

Cayman Islands, George Town was one of the stops during our second week on MSC Divina. The first thing I want to mention about that place, is the incredible weather! I literally could live there! The weather there is so warm and it’s not as humid as it’s in Miami. Because of the weather like this, the island is full of wild iguanas. I actually love seeing animals like this in the wild because you would never see that here in Europe. All you can find are some cats and dogs on the streets. Another wild animal you can find is chicken. Yes, chicken! Chickens are running everywhere! I have never seen anything like this. There is one shot from my video, where you can see iguana and chicken chilling under the tree.

We took a tour around the island like we did on Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. The first stop was a place called “Hell”. Hell is a group of short, black, limestone formations. Because those stones are black and in many weird shapes, it makes you feel like you’re in the hell. You can even send a postcard from there and the stamp says that it’s sent from the hell. I think it’s a really great gift for some friends.
The next stop was “Dolphin Discovery”. We actually didn’t spend that much time there, we just enjoyed the view of dolphins swimming. They’re so peaceful and relaxing. I love them!
After that we went to some rocky beaches, I can’t find the names of them. Also, those beaches had some local places where we tried the local food and drinks. The best beach on Cayman Islands is the “Seven Mile beach”. If you will ever have a chance to go there, don’t miss it! I would really like to go there again. Especially now because all I can see is the rain every day and it’s pretty sad. But when I start looking at my traveling photos, I get so happy because I’m really grateful for having a chance to experience all of this and have so many adventures. I’m sure that I will have so many of them in the future.
After exploring that wonderful nature, we still had some time in Camana Bay for shopping. They have so many cute souvenirs there. It’s impossible to buy only one!
You can see the details from the photos and the video, so I hope you will enjoy them.
Thank you for reading! Have a great night/day!


  • Shorts – NewYorker
  • Shirt – NewYorker
  • Shoes – H&M
  • Body accessory – H&M
  • Sunglasses – Hunkenmoller
  • Watch – eBay


48 thoughts on “Cayman Islands, George Town

  1. Well you are officially a Pro now.
    Your blog looks awesome and the travel video is making me go on a tour asap. One can sense the fun in the video ! Good Job.

    Thanks for sharing your trip and experience.

    Happy Women’s Day to you a wonderful young woman !

    See you around for more !

  2. When someone asks you where’d you come from, I think it’s amusing to say, “I came from beautiful Hell”. 🙂

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