Jamaica, Falmouth


I’m so excited to write another post about traveling! Most of you probably know that I can’t imagine my life without traveling and exploring new places. It’s the reason why I enjoy writing and sharing my traveling experience with you. Thank you for reading my blog!
This post is about Jamaicaaaa!! We went there during our second week on MSC Divina. I’ve already posted a video from Jamaica, you can check it out:https://youtu.be/mgPlNMdUCW0 . Thank you!
Jamaica is one of the best places I’ve ever visited. This country is just so unique, the nature is incredible and the people are so friendly. I’ve never seen a jungle like the one in Jamaica. It’s just impossible to describe how wonderful everything looks like there!
We decided to go to “Dunn’s River falls”. I think it’s the best decision we made on our trip. I wish I could experience everything again! Those falls are the major Caribbean tourist attraction.The best part about the Dunn’s River falls is that you can climb the waterfalls! It takes more than an hour to climb all the way to the top of the falls. But we did it! It’s a bit dangerous but really fun and definitely worth a try. Just imagine climbing the waterfalls in the middle of jungle! And the sound of those falls is unforgettable. You can see everything from my video and photos. It’s impossible to explain everything in words, you just have to see it or experience something similar to understand.
After spending most of our day at the falls, we went to see some local places. Those places are usually not for the tourists because people think that it’s not safe to go there. The truth is that the locals are already used to seeing tourists every single day, so going to their markets, shops is not dangerous. We met a lot of Jamaican people who were really friendly. We got some beautiful souvenirs and we tried some kind of bananas. I don’t really know how they’re called but they are a lot smaller than the usual ones and color of peel is light red. I wish I could have them tomorrow for breakfast.
I hope I will have a chance to go there again and I hope you too!

When people spend the whole day at the falls, they usually get pretty hungry. So, I would like to share with you one of my favorite snacks which is easy to carry and is really delicous. It’s ProperCorn ! These popcorns are the best ones I have ever tried! All of the flavors are so unique and different. They have 4 vegan and 2 non vegan flavors. They’re made from GM-free corn, they’re gluten free and made from natural ingredients. My favorite flavor is “Smooth Peanut&Almond”. I’m craving it even now and it’s almost night. I will probably have one bag of them in a few minutes… You should definitely try them and let me know which flavor is your favorite!


  • Dress – Forever21
  • Shoes – H&M
  • Backpack – Pull&Bear
  • Neckclase – made by my friend
  • Watch – eBay
  • Bikini top – H&M
  • Bikini bottom – Guess
  • Sunglasses – Hunkenmoller


75 thoughts on “Jamaica, Falmouth

  1. That place is so clean and picturesque.
    Amazing place to go and thanks for sharing as always 🙂

    You, truly, are one heck of a traveler !
    I love your work.
    Happy Travelling and Sharing !

  2. Welcome to Jamaica!!! So happy you enjoyed your time here!!! You visited some of the best sites and attractions. Walk good! Irie! and One Love Sistren!

  3. Ya man 🙂 I start to read your blog and find out lots of places we both visited. I’ll keep digging, let’s see what do I find next.
    I’ve been in Jamaica three times and every time I go I don’t want to leave. Love the nature, the beaches and the people are so friendly.

      1. My husband was born in Jamaica but grow up in US, so when we have a chance we are going back as often as we can. Kingston, Ohio Rios, Montego Bay, I personally love Tresure Beach and we had our wedding near Negril 2 years ago are all the places I saw and soon fall in love.

    1. I loved the cruise ship! It was my first time traveling with MSC and I enjoyed it ! I’ve traveled with Norwegian cruise line before . On which cruise ship are you workings? Thank you for reading 🙂

  4. Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog ImperfectLiving.com You have a nice blog here. I enjoyed this post! Look forward to more. Warmest.

  5. Beautiful photos and posts!What a nice traveling life you have !!!Thanks you for following us .It seems you’re traveling to Italy next month,contact me for whatever you need.Ciao

  6. Your trip looks like it was amazing. I really hope I can visit myself someday! You have a lovely blog 🙂


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