Bahamas, Nassau

Finally I have some time to write a new post! I’m actually suppose to be doing my homework right now but I just feel really bad for not posting anything for such a long time. I already took a few final exams but the most important ones are still coming. I study every single day and I don’t spend that much time on the internet. But I’m trying to post as much as possible. I really hope you understand.

This post is about a wonderful place called Bahamas! I just posted a video about Bahamas, check it out: .
Bahamas, Nassau was the last stop while traveling with an amazing cruise ship- MSC Divina. If you have ever been to Bahamas, you probably know that it’s impossible to explain how amazing this place is! It’s just breathtaking! The first thing I have to mention is the weather. It’s always warm and sunny there. I think it’s the reason why everybody is so happy and friendly there. Even our driver was so happy and cool! He told us so many interesting stories and he was always singing (you can see that in the video). Obviously, we took a tour around the island, like always. The first stop was Fort Fincastle. It’s a fort located in the city of Nassau on the island of New Providence in The Bahamas. This fort shaped like a paddle-steamer. Not that far from that fort there was the Queen’s Staircase. The staircase was named to honor Queen Victoria and her role in abolishing slavery in the Bahamas. I think there were 66 steps going down. And that staircase was surrounded  by a lot of plants and palm trees. It’s very difficult to explain that, so I hope you will understand the idea from the photos. The third stop was Atlantis. I think most of the people are dreaming about visiting Atlantis! It’s just soooo huge and fancy. It’s a luxury hotel, aquarium, water park, and entertainment complex. When you’re walking there, it feels like you’re in a fantasy world. Also, the marine habitat is the largest outdoor aquarium in the world. Of course, we can’t forget about the famous “the Leap of Faith”. “Which plunges riders down a 60-foot drop through a tunnel submerged in a shark-filled lagoon, while the less adventurous can float around the park on the mile-long river ride, over waves and rolling rapids.” That’s really cool, right?! Only one days isn’t enough in Atlantis. So, if you’re planing to visit it, spend a few days there.
After spending a few hours in Atlantis, we wanted to visit, as our driver told us, one of the most beautiful beaches in world, The Paradise beach. Words can’t describe how amazing that beach is. The colour of the water is so blue and it’s clear! Just laying on the sad feels so incredible! I could spend a whole day there, just doing nothing. It’s definitely a paradise! The last hours in the Bahamas, we decided to spend in Downtown and Bay street. It’s a bustling mix of shops, restaurants, and street hawkers. We bought some gifts and walked around the Bay street. You can also find the straw market and Pirates of Nassau Museum there. After that we went back to our cruise and said goodbye to Nassau.
It was the last stop, it was the end of the cruise ship. The saddest moment came, when we had to leave the wonderful MSC Divina and go back to our cold Lithuania. I will never forget those 2 amazing weeks.
Thank you for reading my posts about this adventure. Don’t worry, I will continue updating my blog about my trips. I really hope I will be traveling even more this year.
Have a great weekend!


  • Dress- H&M
  • Shoes- H&M
  • Bag- Pull&Bear
  • Romper – Coolcat
  • Sunglasses – hunkenmoller
  • Watch – eBay
  • Kimono – H&M


96 thoughts on “Bahamas, Nassau

  1. Beautiful post! I remember being in the Bahamas, we had a great driver as well, very informative and fun!! Love the shot towards the end, where you are in the water with your hands up in the air, nothing but water and sky!!!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! I haven’t been to the Bahamas myself, but I’ve heard great things from friends. Those waters are so clear and blue! Can’t wait to plan my next trip there!

  3. Oh my God! Beautiful pictures! Breathtaking Bahamas! You must have had a really good time there!


  4. Looks like a very wonderful place! Hope you had a great time out there 🙂 Really loved browsing through your pictures, you look so happy! Kinda makes me want to go on a holiday as well, haha 😀

  5. Amazing! Looks like a great place for a honeymoon! We are still working out where to go!

  6. Wish you visit india sometime.. im sure u will love it.. and i would love to see the way u travel

      1. Hope u will let me know.. I’ve already fallen in love with u just by reading about your trips

  7. Hi . Lovely post . Beautiful imagery . Nice visuals . I too love travelling . And I’m glad to find someone who turns into a great story-teller:) . Thanks for sharing this !

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