Hello! I hope you’re all having a great summer! I’m really sorry for not posting that much (again…). I started traveling right after my exams and I’m still traveling. I’m in Germany right now and I finally found great internet connection, so I can finally update my blog! Yay!
You can check out my video from Italy:

Today I will talk about another city I visited in Italy last spring. It’s Como! Words can’t describe how amazing that city is. It’s one of those places where you can spend hours doing nothing and still feel really happy. The nature is incredible there. No wonder why celebrities choose this city to relax and run away from the city life. Those mountains, lake, forests and small streets make you feel really calm and happy. You can feel that real Italian vibe there. I loved that! It’s probably the reason why I could visit Italy every month.
Actually, we didn’t do much there, we just walked around and enjoyed everything we saw. We also visited Cathedral of Como, Basilica di Sant’Abbondio, Basilica di San Fedele. In the middle of day we decided to take a boat trip around the Lago di Como. It’s a small lake surrounded by huge mountains. You can see how amazing it looks like from the photos. Of course, we ended our day with the typical Italian dinner. Pizza, lasagna, spritz and Italian music.
Thank you for reading!



  • Dress – Target
  • Shoes – Zara
  • Faux leather jacket – Sinsay
  • Necklace – Charlotte russe
  • Backpack – Pull&Bear



59 thoughts on “Como

  1. The suburb next to my own suburb in Sydney is called Como – it was named after the Italian town, but ours is just a quiet area overlooking a river.

    1. Hello 1944april, that’s interesting, do you know anything more about the genesis of your Como? I am a journalist in the “original” Como, it might be interesting for an article.

  2. Always love reading your posts – and like you I too have been rea;;y busy and I am really sorry for not posting that much myself (again…) xoxo N 🙂

  3. Hey Akvilee! Your blog is so nice, I am some kinda in love with your blog. You look so pretty😘, and thanks for checking out my blog really appreciate it.😊

  4. Como is one of the places I missed when I visited Italy. Thanks for givin me a glimpse into the beautiful town, and for liking my post. BTW, is that a soy latte in the pic?-)

  5. Another travel blogger! I really like the picture of you with the palm tree background. Would you say that Como is your favourite place to visit in Italy? Or do you have another favourite Italian city now?

      1. Wow! As a Como resident and native…THANK YOU!!!!
        If you ever come back, ping me, I can take you to place in Como and the lake nobody else knows!
        (PS: that’s valid for everyone)

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