Bergamo, Italy


It’s my last post about Italy but I have been traveling this whole summer and that means a lot of traveling post from me!
Bergamo was our last stop in Italy. Bergamo is a really small city,  about 40-50 km away from Milan. We spent only one day there but we did a lot! It’s a really beautiful and unique city. We used a funicular to ride up to the top. When we got to the top, it felt like we are back to the ancient days. To see how actually the Middle ages town looked like, we went to Bergamo’s Citta Alta. It’s an extremely beautiful place. The whole city is just really incredible. Those outstanding structures, buildings make it even more unique.
We went to places like Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, Piazza Vecchia, Cattedrale (Duomo) di Bergamo e Battistero, Campanone o Torre Civica, Cappella colleoni. It actually feels like you’re walking around the 16th-century city. At the end of the day we went to “Grom gelato” shop (Grom is the best ice cream company in Italy). We found a woman from Lithuania working there. So she told us so much about the Grom and Bergamo. I got a chance to try all of the flavours! They even had some vegan options which I was really excited about.
We had a flight in the evening, so we had to leave Bergamo pretty early. But we really enjoyed our day there.
Thank you for reading!



  • Shirt – charlotte russe
  • Faux leather jacket – Sinsay
  • Shoes – Nikes
  • Necklace – charlotte russe
  • Leggings – H&M


47 thoughts on “Bergamo, Italy

  1. Great post and I agree Bergamo is a beautiful city. I just hope that besides the ice cream you also had a chance to go through the fashion shops in Via Roma 😉 ! The best wishes to transition back to “out-of-Italy-Life”. That’s always the hardest part on a summer vacation in Bella Italia 😎

  2. Liked your pic with the gelato. The grin was that of a sweet small child, immersed in pure happiness. Your dress, makeup and hairstyle were incredible! I’ve just started reading your blog but I can feel yours is an amazing one. Eager to read more, both old and new. 🙂

  3. Nice pictures. You seem to travel quite a bit….a personification of the quintessential peripatetic.:) Hope your wanderings lead to you to the East (India) and Far East (China, Korea, Japan etc.) as well, some day.

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