Heidelberg & Duisburg, Germany

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If you read my last post you probably know that after I visited England for the first time, my trip did not end there. Me and my cousin were supposed to go back to Lithuania after that week in England but one night we started checking flight tickets to Germany. We both really love Germany and I have been there so many times, it feels like my second home. After half an hour we found tickets to Frankfurt only for €10. We did not think twice, we bought them straight away. Me and my cousin did not even go back to Lithuania, we went to Germany the same day we left Leeds.

We arrived to Frankfurt. It is such a beautiful city! But we did not spend much time there because we had to go to Heidelberg and I fell in love with that city! It is a city surrounded  by mountains and amazing nature. The city centre has a beautiful old town and lots of cute little old streets. We went up to the Heidelberg castle and the view was wonderful! I would walk past the old bridge and I could not just walk away without taking a picture, the view is amazing there!
As a vegan I found it really easy to live in Heidelberg. The city centre has lots of cafes and most of them have vegan options. I even found a burger place with vegan homemade burgers. I would go back to Heidelberg just for those burgers. Every ice cream shop had vegan ice cream, not just sorbets.


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After more than a week of living there, I took a train to Duisburg and that is where I met my family. I have been to Duisburg so many times before, whenever I go there I feel like home. That is the reason why we did not do any touristy things. We just went to the aqua park in Oberhausen and shopping in CentrO. I spent more time in Oberhausen than Duisburg because I think it has more entertainment. One of my favourite places is the park.

After a few weeks, I finally went back home after a month of traveling. I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you!
P.S. pictures are taken with my phone again, so sorry about the quality.


38 thoughts on “Heidelberg & Duisburg, Germany

    1. They are usually last minute ones or you can find some cheap tickets on Ryanair. I think once a in a while they have a day where have so many discounts on some good flights. They’re usually 10-30 euros. 😊

  1. You have taken me on a wonderful journey .. well done. You seem to have the understanding of a traveller … someone who tries to understand the places you go to and the people you meet …

  2. In school I had a language assistant from Heidelberg, I’ve wanted to visit ever since. It looks so beautiful! Plus, vegan burgers and ice cream?! YUM

  3. Burger, fries, and cola – in the outdoors, like a picnic – with the widest TV in the world! Wow!

    These photos are rather good for a blog – so many words in so many pictures!

    The town is beautiful, it’s like it’s in a small valley of sorts.

    There’s even a castle in the countryside?!

    Then there’s the photographs of the modern swim theme park and modern areas.

    Noodles? I’ve only ever been used to take-away, and Schezwan style!

    You even shared photos of the journey on the way back home – I’d end the post with chocolate desserts! – that made me feel tired.

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