As most of you probably know I live in England now, so I barely spend any time in Lithuania anymore. But I am finally back for Christmas and it feels so good to be back and see my family. I am going to spend 3 weeks here which is really exciting. Even though I have lots of uni work to do over those 3 weeks, I still enjoy sleeping as much as I want and not waking up early every single day. I have also been Christmas shopping and wrapping the presents with my family and it is putting me into that Christmas mood. Another good thing about being food is enjoying my mum’s food. I only realised how amazing it is when I started living alone. The saddest part is that I do not know when is the next time I am going to be here again. It is probably going to be in about 7-8 months. So I am trying to make the most out of those 3 weeks here.

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Also, I was shopping for some outfits for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I found a really nice simple black dress which I am going to show you in my next post. There so many different ways you can wear it. It is probably one of the favourite dresses now.

I always like to wear simple things for Christmas, so I was looking for jewellery that would match my dress. I found this shop called “Ease Pieces“. I got these 2 cute silver necklaces from this store.

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Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

The first one is Β “Delicate Dainty Beads Pendant Necklace“. It is so simple but really cute.

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The second one is “Rose Window Charm Pendant Necklace“. If you follow me on instagram (instagram.com/akviilees) you probably have seen this one on my Instagram story.

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Another thing I was thinking while getting ready for Christmas is makeup. I think I might use one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes which is “Naked smoky palette”. I use this palette almost all of the time. And since it is Christmas time I might put red lipstick on and some gold glitter on my eyelids. You can see the finished look on my Instagram.
Another thing I want to share with you are my new makeup brushes. I got them from instagram.com/gouporbest Β . They are really soft and I especially like the one for foundation. I feel like it makes my foundation look extra good.



I hope you enjoyed this short blog post. Thank you for reading !


28 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Didn’t know that you are from Lithuania. I reeeally enjoyed Lithuania when I visited it. I just loved Vilnius’es architecture in the old town, how it is divided from the new town, Trakai, Daugirdishkes and I really hope that I will visit it again. The cuisine is also interesting (I miss the Saltibarsciai, or the cold beetroot soup). Oh, I know that this post has nothing to do with that but it just brought back memories.
    P.S. I am looking for a blue-black plaid shirt but I can’t seem to find the perfect one. In the pile of plaid shirts that I own, I just recently found the perfect red-black one. And it’s men’s. So I should probably look in the men’s isles πŸ˜€
    This was a non-intended long post… Anyway. Happy holidays and have a good start of the Ney Year.
    Antidote πŸ™‚

    1. Hey, I’m so happy you liked Lithuania! I hope you will have a chance to come here again and eat Ε‘altibarőčiai and kugelis πŸ˜„ you should also visit Palanga, Klaipeda and Nida next time, I’m pretty sure you would enjoy these places too!
      I got my shirt from H&M not that long time ago and I wear it all the time now. πŸ˜„ I just wear it with a simple shirt and leggings and it looks cute and it’s comfy at the same time!
      Happy holidays for you too and thank you for reading my post! πŸ’•

  2. You posted this on December 24th – have a Merry Christmas – just before the festival!

    Home-made food is always the best food. You only get to realize just how refined, sophisticated and tasty home-made food really is when you start living away from home, or try cooking food on your own.

    Jewelery and make-up…so that’s what girls get for Christmas – I’ll keep that in mind when I need to give gifts!

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