Ronda&Torremolinos, Spain




There are so many people who liked my last post about Spain (thank you for reading!) , so I decided to write an another post about that trip.
We stayed in Benalmadena but we traveled to many cities in Malaga. One of them was Torremolinos. It is a really smart part in Malaga, so we did not spend that much time there. We walked around the town, took some pictures and went to other cities. We enjoyed the beach and the beautiful nature there. It seems like there are not many people living there because we met only a few while walking around the town.

Our next stop was Ronda. We actually took a tour because we wanted to know everything about the cities history and visit all the main places. It is one of the most popular places in Malaga. It is such an amazing place to go! Our favourite part was probably Puente Nuevo. It is a bridge which is surrounded by these massive hills and it looks incredible. One of the most beautiful things I have seen in Spain. Pictures can’t describe the feeling you get when you are on the bridge and you look down, it is just breathtaking.

The next place we went to was Plaza de Toros – the Bullring. As our guide said Ronda is probably the home of modern-day bullfighting. The bullring looked pretty nice but the museum was really small. It is one of those places that I would not go again.
But another place that I liked was Plaza Duquesa de Parcent – Duquesa de Parcent Square. It is a small square in the middle of the town but it is sooo cute! All the colours and the atmosphere makes you wanna stay there for hours. We also visited Arabic walls and city gates. It is the arabic part of the city and it reminded me so much of Morocco and I love that type of architecture. I think somehwere around that area we had our wine tour and it was in one of those Morocoo type of houses with no roof and I loved it! We tried about 7 types of different wines and they had snacks matched with wines, it was so much fun.

After those activities we had some free time, so we explored the old town and old the local shops and cafes. It such a cute city! I would love to go back.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you so much for reading!


  • Ripped jeans- NewLook
  • Crop top- H&M
  • Black choker- River island
  • White shirt- Forever21
  • Shorts- NewYorker
  • Cardigan- Primark
  • Shoes- Nike


39 thoughts on “Ronda&Torremolinos, Spain

      1. Romance Sonambulo

        – Federico García Lorca, 1898 – 1936
        (trans. William Bryant Logan)

        Green, how I want you green.
        Green wind. Green branches.
        The ship out on the sea
        and the horse on the mountain.
        With the shade around her waist
        she dreams on her balcony,
        green flesh, her hair green,
        with eyes of cold silver.
        Green, how I want you green.
        Under the gypsy moon,
        all things are watching her
        and she cannot see them.

        Green, how I want you green.
        Big hoarfrost stars
        come with the fish of shadow
        that opens the road of dawn.
        The fig tree rubs its wind
        with the sandpaper of its branches,
        and the forest, cunning cat,
        bristles its brittle fibers.
        But who will come? And from where?
        She is still on her balcony
        green flesh, her hair green,
        dreaming in the bitter sea.

        —My friend, I want to trade
        my horse for her house,
        my saddle for her mirror,
        my knife for her blanket.
        My friend, I come bleeding
        from the gates of Cabra.
        —If it were possible, my boy,
        I’d help you fix that trade.
        But now I am not I,
        nor is my house now my house.
        —My friend, I want to die
        decently in my bed.
        Of iron, if that’s possible,
        with blankets of fine chambray.
        Don’t you see the wound I have
        from my chest up to my throat?
        —Your white shirt has grown
        thirsty dark brown roses.
        Your blood oozes and flees a
        round the corners of your sash.
        But now I am not I,
        nor is my house now my house.
        —Let me climb up, at least,
        up to the high balconies;
        Let me climb up! Let me,
        up to the green balconies.
        Railings of the moon
        through which the water rumbles.

        Now the two friends climb up,
        up to the high balconies.
        Leaving a trail of blood.
        Leaving a trail of teardrops.
        Tin bell vines
        were trembling on the roofs.
        A thousand crystal tambourines
        struck at the dawn light.

        Green, how I want you green,
        green wind, green branches.
        The two friends climbed up.
        The stiff wind left
        in their mouths, a strange taste
        of bile, of mint, and of basil
        My friend, where is she—tell me—
        where is your bitter girl?
        How many times she waited for you!
        How many times would she wait for you,
        cool face, black hair,
        on this green balcony!
        Over the mouth of the cistern
        the gypsy girl was swinging,
        green flesh, her hair green,
        with eyes of cold silver.
        An icicle of moon
        holds her up above the water.
        The night became intimate
        like a little plaza.
        Drunken “Guardias Civiles”
        were pounding on the door.
        Green, how I want you green.
        Green wind. Green branches.
        The ship out on the sea.
        And the horse on the mountain.

  1. Cádiz is my spiritual (and one-time physical) home but I do love Ronda. My friends own the cool boutique hotel by the old Arab baths, and la Giralda is one of the best tapas eateries in the universe. Thanks for sharing.

    And every wannabe artist has to paint ‘The View’!

  2. Honestly I dont have to read a single word what you wrote, the power of your beauty is so strong that whenever I see you I almost faint and the rest us history. You are extra ordinarily beautiful

  3. Ronda is such a cool town! glad you wrote about it. The unique geography makes for a dramatic photo ops and it is one of the oldest towns in southern Spain. I was amazed when a local told me the Puente Nuevo was originally built by the Romans! Did you get a chance to go down the ancient stairs/tunnel that goes to the river? It was closed when I was there…several years ago. Would be cool if it is open for people to see now.

    1. Thank you so much for reading! And yes I went down those ancient stairs and it looked incredible. I would really love to come back !

  4. Must have been a nice experience.
    Spectacular photos.
    Generous sharing your experience.


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