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I am finally finished with my exams and I started planing this summer’s trips. While I was doing that I remembered that I still have not shared any stories from my last summer. So this post is about my trip to France last summer.

Me and my family went to Nice and Cannes in France last summer. It was in the middle of August, so it was crazy hot during that time. It was about 35-40 degrees in the sun. Whenever we would go to the beach I could not spend more than 10 minutes sunbathing because it was that hot. So I would be in the water most of the time but I did not mind that since Nice has one of the most beautiful seas I have ever seen and the water is always a good temperature.

We stayed in an apartment in the city centre of Nice. So lived in the middle of the entire action. Our apartment was about 15 minutes away from the beach. It was pretty convenient since all the shops, cafes, beautiful spots were just downstairs and the beach was not that  far either. I would recommend booking and apartment if you are going to Nice and you are on a budget. One of the reasons is that all the hotels by the beach are really expensive and if you an affordable hotel it is usually pretty far from everything. Apartments are usually much cheaper and you can find a nice one in the city centre. I am not sure about the situation in Cannes since we only went there for a day.

We visited quite a lot of places in Nice. The place we   spent most of our time in is Promenade des Anglais. It is the main street by the beach. This street has everything people can need. I think it is a perfect place to watch the sunset. Another of my favourites was Vieille Ville or also known as the Old Town of Nice. If you are looking for the best food in Nice I would recommend going to the old town. You can also find the traditional dishes of Nice there, such as Socca and lavender flavoured ice cream.

Another place that I really loved was Parc de la Colline du Château also known as Castle Hill Park. It is pretty high up, so it took us about 25 minutes to climb but to the park but it       is definitely worth it. We went to there to watch the sunset and it was incredible.
Aaaand the last place in Nice I have to talk about is Monastère Notre-Dame-de-Cimiez. It is a big garden full of unique flowers and trees. It is like an art made out of plants. There is also a beautiful church and all the buildings around are really ancient. If you go to Cimiez, you can also visit their museum.

If you ever stay in Nice for a few days, I would recommend visiting Cannes. The best way to get there is a bus. It is much cheaper than taking a train because bus is only a few euros. If you would like more information which bus to take to get to Cannes, just let me know.
We left early in the morning and came back in the evening. In my opinion, one day is enough for Cannes. We went to places like Boulevard de la Croisette, Le Suquet also known as the Old Town of Cannes, Notre-Dame de l’esperance and many more.

I have to apologise in advance for the picture quality. I forgot my camera while traveling. My next post is going to be about my trip to Monaco and I should have better quality pictures. Thank you for reading this post!


  • Black dress- H&M
  • Black shoes- Primark
  • Trainers- Nike
  • Denim shorts- Primark
  • White crop top- H&M
  • Sparkly skirt- H&M
  • Bags – boutique in Malaga
  • Chokers- River Island


20 thoughts on “Nice&Cannes, France

  1. Great post. We have been to Nice twice, the last time in 2017. Nice weather without being hot, but there are mosquitoes then in some of the hotel rooms. Love the Old Town, all the food choices, especially Chez Pipo. Allan

  2. NIce blog, love the street art! I’ve never been to Nice but I remember going to Toulon some years back and had a great time. The south of France is super hot! Enjoy this summer!

  3. Wow! It’s crazy because I was there 2 summers ago for a few days. I totally remember those water jets in the ground and the pictures of the tops of houses. I took the same one! Great pictures!

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