Photoshoot on the Quayside, Newcastle



If you follow me on Instagram ( you probably know that I have moved to Japan. I am going to be studying here for a year, so you can expect lots of posts related to my life in Japan but this post is not about that. I moved to Japan 2 months ago, so I am starting to miss lots of things in Europe. I was looking at all the pictures I have taken ever since I started studying in Newcastle, England. I realised that I have never shared pictures from one of my photoshoots in Newcastle. I had this photoshoot about a year ago but I still really like the pictures, so I was like why not share them everyone. The pictures were taken by my friend who is a photographer and I was really happy with the result. Check out his Instagram ( ! I hope you also like the pictures!



  • Black jeans- Primark
  • Belt- Zara
  • White shirt- H&M
  • Shoes- Primark
  • Bomber jacket- Primark
  • Leather jacket- Sinsay
  • Watch- Michael Kors
  • Necklace- Charlotte russe
  • Bag- boutique in Malaga
  • Grey shirt- NewLook
  • Light jeans- Reserved


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