Faro, Portugal

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Happy holidays! I hope you are enjoying these winter holidays!

I am back with another travelling blog post. Thank you to everyone who has read my previous posts. It makes me so happy to know that some people actually enjoy my blog. Thank you!

This post is about my short trip to Portugal.  I went to a place called Faro in Algarve region. We went there just for a few days but we managed to visit lots of beautiful places there. The first thing I want to talk about is the hotel. We stayed in a small town called Olhão. The name of our hotel was Real Marina Hotel & Spa. It is an incredible five star hotel with lots of activities to offer. I think it is the best hotel I have ever stayed in Europe. The room was beautiful, always clean with huge comfy beds. Everything in the bathroom was marble. The staff was friendly and I loved the food there. Pool had a nice sea view. The hotel is close to lots of shops and bars.
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One of the activities you can do without leaving Olhão is to take a “water bus” and visit all the islands around Olhão. You can also take a “water taxi” but they are 10 times more expensive. We visited an island called Culatra. This island has a beautiful sandy beach and this desert type of park. Culatra island has two small villages where you can try Portuguese seafood. These villages are exactly what you would imagine a fishing village to be: small colourful houses, fishing boats everywhere, small bars with the best seafood.
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On one of the days we took a train to Faro, to the centre of everything.  Faro is one of those really European towns with lots of old buildings and narrow streets. I loved walking around the old town. We visited places like Old Town Faro, Capela dos Ossos, Faro walls, the port and other beutiful places like that. Faro is pretty small, so it’s easy to walk everywhere and you do not have to worry about taking trains or buses.
Processed with VSCO with a5 presetF112463F-2455-4CBD-BCF3-A3433DF72F22F8CF03D6-659A-471E-BD4E-DD9230AA971CC97EE8B6-47EB-494E-A992-0B4C5FC7355FProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset00056668-CC74-4207-A996-5282CC0894A909141B12-D442-4D18-8484-C8A95F27851B7969BCB9-E6A4-4655-9A6C-F8C1D2374FF628C84A8B-C41B-4D58-A36B-5E8E47E57C294B1A9EB3-5ECD-4ABF-AC4B-5727AE4DCFC51DA3A9A7-E13E-4C1F-8D76-3CAB6E0AF5D6

I only spent 5 days in Portugal, so I didn’t go to that many places but I hope you will enjoy this post and my pictures. If you want to see some videos from this trip, you can check my highlight on Instagram (instagram.com/akviilees) from Portugal.

Thank you for reading!


  • Ripped jeans – NewLook
  • Jeans with a bow- Reserved
  • Black shorts- H&M
  • White crop top- H&M
  • Black crop top- H&M
  • Fishnet tights- Primark
  • Black cardigan- Primark
  • Shoes- Nike



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  1. Akviilee, thank you for visiting and liking my blog. Lots of fun photos in this post — looks like you had a wonderful time. Best wishes for your further travels and your studies in Japan. Happy New Year!

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