Sweater weather

Hello! What’s up? I’m sorry for not posting anything last weekend. I’ve been really busy with school work and I’m having many tests this week. I have to do some extra things because I might be going to USA next month. Since it’s autumn everybody gets obsessed with sweaters. To be honest “Sweater weather” is … More Sweater weather

Leaves everywhere

Hello! Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it and happy November everyone! I still can’t believe that it’s the last month of autumn and the coldest season is coming. But I really hope that this month will be amazing and full of happiness. Sorry for not posting anything yesterday, I was at my friend’s house, … More Leaves everywhere

Warm autumn day

Heyy! It’s finally weekend and it means a new post from me! I don’t know if it’s exciting for you or not but I get really excited when I finally have a chance sit down in a comfy spot and write a new blog post. For some kind of reason updating my blog puts me … More Warm autumn day

Summer wedding

Heyy, happy Saturday my readers! How’s it going? I’m really glad that the weekend is finally here! I had a really difficult week, full of tests and stress. But now I can finally chill in my bed, drink tea and read books. It’s a perfect evening for me since I’m not a party person. This … More Summer wedding

Exploring the city

Hey! Happy Monday! Yea it’s still a happy Monday since it’s summer. But there are only two Mondays left till the end of this summer. So we should try to make the most out of this week! My video from my latest trip : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZPpNw71488 If you’re a traveler, you probably know how does it feel … More Exploring the city

Pool day

Hello! (Video from my trip to Germany : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZPpNw71488) As I’ve promised I will tell you all those details about my latest trip. This time I chose to write about a really fun day at the pool. As you might or might not know I spent a lot of time in Oberhausen,Germany. And this city has … More Pool day

Flowers in my hair

Hello my lovely readers! How’s your day going? Mine is really awesome but it’s coming to the end. But I had so much fun today and I enjoyed this rare sunny day in Lithuania. And it’s the last day of Spring. I’m actually a little bit glad that it’s over because I’ve finally finished school … More Flowers in my hair

Japanese garden

Heyy! How’s everybody? I’m still struggling with school because the school year is coming to the end. So we have to take all those finals, tests, projects and etc. But summer is coming and I’m soooo excited for that! I think I will be traveling a lot this year (I really hope so). And I … More Japanese garden