Nice&Cannes, France

Heyyy, I am finally finished with my exams and I started planing this summer’s trips. While I was doing that I remembered that I still have not shared any stories from my last summer. So this post is about my trip to France last summer. Me and my family went to Nice and Cannes in … More Nice&Cannes, France

Leaving Paris

Hello! Sorry for such a late post. I’ve been really busy this week, so I didn’t have time to write a post. But I’m finally at home, drinking some tea and writing this post. And it’s the last post about Paris because we stayed there only for three days and I have already done two … More Leaving Paris

The city of love

Hey! This is another post about my trip to France. I will tell you about my second day there.  I will do the last post about France next time because the 3rd day was our last day. I hope you will like it ! Of course everything  started in the early morning. I woke up … More The city of love

Bonjour, Paris!

Hey!I just came back from Paris! I had 24 hour long road trip back home. So I’m really exhausted, but I was so excited to write this post and that’s  what I’m doing right now. I spent almost 3 days there. So I will do 3 post about each day. It was seriously incredible! I … More Bonjour, Paris!