Bonjour, Paris!

Hey!I just came back from Paris! I had 24 hour long road trip back home. So I’m really exhausted, but I was so excited to write this post and that’s  what I’m doing right now. I spent almost 3 days there. So I will do 3 post about each day. It was seriously incredible! I … More Bonjour, Paris!

Shopping days

Hey! Happy August everyone! I’m still in Germany but I’m going to Belgium and then to France tomorrow. It’s sooo exciting! I can’t wait for that. But at the same time I don’t want to leave Germany. I really love this place. I could spend all my summer holidays here. I hope I will come … More Shopping days

Lazy day in Germany

Good evening! This post might be a little boring, so I’m sorry about that. We haven’t done anything interesting on Saturday. But I still had fun. We went to Oberhausen’s aqua park again. We spent almost all day there because it was really hot. So I’m pretty tanned right now. And my face hurts a … More Lazy day in Germany

Pool&shopping days

Hello! It’s my 3rd day in Germany. And it’s already been amazing! I’m having so much fun here. Everything is really great. Yesterday we went to Oberhausen’s aqua park. I really like that place because it’s not only an inside aqua park but it also has loads of space outside. So you can go sunbathing … More Pool&shopping days

Flight to Germany

Hello! How are doing? We have finally arrived to Germany! Yay! The flight was great, me and my mum watched a new episode of ‘Pretty little liars’ during it. So it went by really quickly. I actually started writing this post while I was in the plane. It was an awesome idea to bring laptop … More Flight to Germany


Hello! I haven’t posted anything for almost a week and I’m really sorry about that. I was busy with school work,performances and finals. I actually had my last final today. So I’m finally finished with school and I can enjoy my summer. I still many performances but they aren’t so stressful. It seems like many … More Phantasialand