Current favorites

Hello! I really miss writing blogs and talking to my lovely readers. And I finally found some time to update my blog! I took a final English exam yesterday and I still have 3 final exams left. After my finals I will be posting really often! I hope you will wait till my finals are … More Current favorites

Healthy drinks+snacks

Hey! Happy Monday evening! This post is not about my trip, so if you want to see something related to traveling, you can check out my new video:  Since so many people liked my post about my favorite snacks, I decided to do another. But this time I  will include some beverages! We all love … More Healthy drinks+snacks

US Virgin Islands

Hello! My laptop is finally fixed and it means that I’m back with another traveling post! This time I will talk about our first stop while traveling with MSC Divina. It was US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas. I have already uploaded a new video about this amazing place, you can check it out: As I … More US Virgin Islands

A night out

Hello ! Happy Sunday! I hope you’re having a great and exciting weekend. And of course good luck with surviving Monday tomorrow! My parents went on a trip to England and Italy. And they’re finally back! They had so much fun there and loved it! And they brought me so many gifts and souvenirs from … More A night out

Fun in the desert

Hey! It will be my another post about my trip to Egypt. So this post is about our adventure in the desert. Hope you will like it! One evening we decided to go on a Safari. And it was really amazing because we went there while the sun was setting. So the sun was really … More Fun in the desert

Little changes

Hey! I went to the hairdresser today and I got Brazilian straightening. So I’m not curly anymore! Yay! I actually really like my hair right now, they look healthier than before. And I hope they will stay straight after washes. I also I bought ‘Natura Siberica’ shampoo and conditioner. They are natural and don’t have … More Little changes

It’s tea time!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having an incredible day. It’s the end of my day. It’s almost 11 pm in Lithuania. This post won’t be about fashion. I didn’t have a chance to take any great photos but I still wanted to post something because there are some people who really like my blog. That … More It’s tea time!